Project: Integrating DeepSpeech Voice Dictation for Radiology Reporting


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This is a project carried over from last year that was not completed by the student. See this thread : Project: Integrating Voice Dictation for Radiology Reporting

Summary : There is a high burden of data entry tasks when using any medical record. This takes away from patient care as doctors are forced to spend a lot of time entering all the required fields. Voice transcribing/ dictation solutions exist , but are expensive and some do not work for medical jargon

This project will be to integrate into the #toolkit project a trained voice model based on the DeepSpeech project of Mozilla - referenced here


Mentors @judywawira @sunbiz @namratanehete


  • Integrate DeepSpeech into the toolkit application - allowing for uploading of updated training models
  • Train a medical language model for DeepSpeech specific to radiology by creating a simple voice donation tool and training the model
  • Integrating voice dictation for radiology reporting

Technical Requirements Java, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MachineLearning, deep learning

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This is very similar to this:

Project: Integrating Voice Dictation for Radiology Reporting
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This is the one I want to keep and remove the other one from this list

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Removed it from the list.