Project: Improve LibreHealth Toolkit Cost of Care Explorer


During GSoC 2020, we had a project, Project: Develop an Android mobile application to show patient friendly costs of care. This is a continuation and improvements upon it.

Recent changes in Medicare’s payment policies under the inpatient prospective payment system (PPS) and the long-term care hospital PPS required that the CDM be made available in a machine-readable format by January 1, 2019 . These formats are in XML or CSV and while machine readable do not make sense for a patient who is comparing the prices. Your task this year (should you accept it ) is to create an Android mobile application that has the following functionality

Prior work


This is rather open-ended. There is always room for improvement. For this, you can run the application, and get a feel for it and then suggest changes you see fit.

Mentors : @sunbiz @judywawira @mua_rachmann

Task Prerequisite: A prototype mobile application pinging any hospital in the US and fetching the data required and showing it on a mobile application

Bonus points: Designing and developing a web-facing prototype and a mobile application that can run on Windows and iPhone

Skills: Mobile development - (Android, possible iOS/ windows development) , Web development, Web scraping

Resources: This is an interesting paper to educate you on the background of publishing for costs of care - JMIR Medical Informatics - Just Because (Most) Hospitals Are Publishing Charges Does Not Mean Prices Are More Transparent

This is preliminary and is not a definite project.

Hey Robby! I am Gunjan, first year CSE Student and I am working on learning Flutter for App Development. I am familiar with layouts and widgets and basic stuff and learning to handle data from API and manage it. I found this project interesting but the GSoC 2020 project has the same description as this one.

Is there something we are expected to improve right away or we have to find scope of improvements on our own for now?

Not sure if this is definite. I am waiting to see the interest in this project. We are not officially accepted yet

I want to improve the UI/UX of this application. I have some ideas in mind, would like to propose them!

And a doubt, if the web application is still required? Like flutter does it but it’s not so stable, so that’s why I think we should rather use react for its web version if it’s required!

The current web version uses react not flutter.

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Oh yeah! seen it now.

I mean both are active projects.

The Flutter app is one project and then the web-based frontend is another.


hi, can you please review this MR?

update: resolved by @Darshpreet2000

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