Project: Improve LibreHealth Toolkit Cost of Care Explorer

@sunbiz Yes professor, I can add that question.

Can we add a Feature → common diseases symptoms and best hospitals for their treatment nearby us ?

We should keep our focus to cost-of-care

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Hello everyone, I have some more improvement ideas for this application. Here are further ideas list-

1. Adding Nearby Hospital Viewing functionality with images in Web App

Currently, there is no nearby hospital showing on the homepage of the web app. It will better if we can show users nearby hospitals within 10-20 km range like cost of care flutter app.

2. Adding Compare Hospitals Functionality with ratings & patient’s survey in Web app

This feature is implemented in the flutter app but it also can implement in the web app.

3. Adding Load More hospitals functionality in Mobile App

The home page of the mobile app isn’t responsive. all hospitals image loading simultaneously makes bad UX. It can improve if we load only those hospitals which are under screen window.

4. Adding Seach by address functionality in the mobile app

Search hospitals by address filter can be implemented.

5. Adding Search by address, hospital functionality in Web app

This feature can be implemented for web app also.

6. Unit testing Inpatient, Outpatient Screen in mobile App

Unit testing for impatient, Outpatient Screen for Bug testing.

7. Unit testing Complete React Web App

Unit testing for Whole Web app Screen for Bug testing.It will help for further development.

8. UI Improvement of React Web App

There are many minor and major UI modifications like search bar position, dynamic filter, color, and text modification.

9. UI Improvement of Mobile App

Mobile app UI can be improved further like bottom navigation improvement card layout modification etc.

10. bookmark feature for chargemaster

Currently, There is no Bookmark feature for chargemaster after adding this feature it will be easy to use and it will help users to view their most often searches.

I am open for adding new ideas or doing modification in my listed ideas according to mentors feedback, Please tell me if I can include these & can make proposal for this project?

Go ahead and package this up into a proposal with a timeline for completion of each. You might need to pare down this a bit, I don’t want you to take on more than you can chew and wind up failing. I want you to be set-up for success, not failure. Feel free to iterate and share here.

thanks, @r0bby for replying to me. I will share my draft proposal soon.

We have some tips for how you should format your proposal posted on here.

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what should be ideal length of proposal ?

It will vary but I’ve seen proposals of 10-15 pages. We want a nice detailed but not too detailed plan of attack. You don’t have a lot of time to do this so a plan of action will be key here. If your proposal is 4 to 5 pages, you didn’t put in enough effort. I’ve seen some hilariously bad proposals.

Don’t worry about length, we want to see it organized coherently with enough details to tell us exactly how you’ll complete things, complete with UI mockups.

Hope that answers your questions.

okay, thanks. I will write accordingly.

Oh and a timeline, remember to tie everything to the timeline of the program.

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Hello Everyone! I have an idea for this project that might prove as a useful feature for the app

If we could use the data of a patient to predict the Length of the stay of a patient in a hospital, it might be very useful in optimizing the management and thus reducing the cost-of-care at a Hospital.

Bed and room availability has been an issue and is a challenging but a very important problem as proven during this pandemic.

I have a background in data science and app development using flutter. Feel free to discuss with me on this idea Just a suggestion, any reviews would be awesome! thanks a lot

No, out of scope for this project. Also that’s information that you can’t predict based on just patient demographics. We don’t want to store patient data at all.

As the starter task for this project, we’d like you to make a fix to the codebase and make a merge request. Play with the application and if the bug you find is not in an already opened MR, make one with the fix.

DO NOT make any significant improvements or add features.

Hello mentors, I have shared a draft proposal please review it and provide your valuable feedback. I am ready for suggestions and feedback. Thanks

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@mentors I have shared my draft proposal. I am waiting for your valuable feedback. @sunbiz @judywawira @muarachmann . Thank you

@bishtmanish739 be patient, please. Also, do not tag the mentors group, please. I

Hi @bishtmanish739 the web app design looks far off cool as done by @Darshpreet2000. Stick mostly on unit testing and upgrading what so ever libraries you have to do to make it work on the latest android/ios fixes. I am running the latest flutter stable branch and somethings break will love to see this included in your proposal. Deprecated features too needs to be replaced.

I however love the current navigation bar and don’t think it should be changed. Bookmarking seems ok with me and the searching ability. Also the ability to update the app to a newer version is something I would love to see.

Cheers and good luck :slight_smile:

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thanks for replying to me. I must consider these points in my final proposal.

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