Project: Develop an Android mobile application to show patient friendly costs of care

This is the thread for Project: Develop an Android mobile application to show patient friendly costs of care

I am very much Thankful to this Organisation & Google for selecting me. I surely assure you that I will complete everything I mentioned in time & will make this organisation & mentors proud of my work. I will also contribute to this organisation even after GSoC. Thankyou once again for selecting me.

Please use the above video link

I will make a detailed project plan (week by week) & will share with you soon.

Please tell me if you need to communicate with via video conferencing or any other way.

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I want to discuss one thing

I will be using Google Maps API for displaying Nearby Hospitals

I have free trial for using it now.

But this organisation may need to purchase it after this program.

Is it Okay to go with it?

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I don’t think paying for the GMaps API is sustainable and meaningful for an open-source project. Also, given that health facilities don’t change their locations very often, we should be able to use mapping services from OpenStreetMaps and some more focused API like the OSM-based Overpass API for local searches.


Okay then I will use OpenStreetMaps

I will search for more open source maps & will let you know which one I will use

As mentioned by @sunbiz – favor using open source tools over proprietary.

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Please check if my approach is correct

  1. I will get location coordinates of user , which I will pass in Overpass API to get Nearby hospitals, Then with the name of Nearby Hospitals , I will use Github API to download CDM which I have already saved to a repo .The CDM will be downloaded in app & will be stored in SQL Database in app.


I have to only insert name of hospital + “NAME FETCHED FROM OVERPASS API” +".csv"

But For this approach hospital name must be the same as that saved in github

I have done experimenting this approach & it was working correctly in app. But for this, I need to take care for name to be same from overpass API response & that saved on github.

How do you suggest ? @sunbiz @r0bby @mua_rachmann @judywawira

I have planned to scrap hospitals CDM statewise, I will start from California & will scrap around 40 hospitals of each state , By the end of this program I will have scraped data of around 2000 Hospitals as there are 50 States in US.

Using this website I can get top hospitals of each state.

I want to know how you suggest

@sunbiz @r0bby @mua_rachmann @judywawira

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What are we naming this thing? Making repos now.

@r0bby Please make two repo one for this app & another for webscrapping scripts & data

You can name it anything like Hospital CDM Crawler , or whatever other mentors suggest

Why do repos? Can’t be done with one?

Yes, it can be done with one, but there will be large data after scrapping CDM & also I think App Code should be separated Web Crawler code.

But if you want to create only one it’s okay, it will work.

@r0bby we will be needing two please

Yes, we will need to run CI Pipeline for Scrapping Data daily.

Two repo are necessary

Alrighty. What is the name of this app?

Curative Care

LH Care


Patient Care



Hospital Tracker

I thought of these names, these are according to my priority.

How do you suggest ? @r0bby @sunbiz @mua_rachmann @judywawira

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@Darshpreet2000, please can you give a detail on what you will be doing this week and when you will be free for the call. Also we will decide on the repos name, for now just keep working on your github repos. We shall mirror it. Also provide the links here so I track your progress.

I like the idea of the CI for running say daily so we get updated data.


This is my Gitlab Repo, I have scrapped data of 4 hospitals for trial, I have created a CI pipeline which automatically scrap data on push to repository.

But currently everything is running under one job, I want to seperate into multiple jobs without installing package again, I need to look for this.

Also , I will create a process file which parses all CDM to correct column names ,this will also run from pipeline.

You can contact me anytime you want but please tell me time beforehand

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