Project: Develop an android/ios mobile application NeoRoo (An integrated mHealth platform to improve nursing care for premature babies)


Congratulations on being selected for GSoC 2022! Use this topic for all communications this summer. No private messages should happen. Use the Jitsi link below if you need to have real-time discussions with your mentors.

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Thanks a lot😀 for this opportunity. I am excited to contribute to the project. Will be a great learning experience.

Hello @shbucher, @munjal-vandana, @_nimishathakur, @sunbiz, and @Darshpreet2000 . This is the link to my proposal

We have discussed about emulating the NeoWarm device on frontend itself. Is there anything else that I must take note of?

Also can some more knowledge of type of goals be provided? Goals is something that is tough to generalise. It can be done once there is an exhaustive list of types of goals. As goal settings differ from parameter to parameter so do goal types. For example, some goals have to be daily and some are impractical to be done daily and have to be done weekly.

Also is it possible to obtain a CSV record of all events from the device collected over a period of time so the device can be modelled on the frontend accordingly and a correct schema can be selected? I can prepare a mock datasheet but it might need corrections so that all situations are covered.

Also, can a meet be scheduled with the mentors on the Jitsi link provided?

Sure, let’s schedule a meet on Sunday (5th June) if you are available.

@sunbiz would you please provide us some sample data as sent from the neowarm device? Thanks

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Yes @Darshpreet2000 can we connect on 5th June at 7 pm IST? For me its possible anytime during the day.

Sure, I am available

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@r0bby Is a meet possible with @sunbiz @shbucher before the coding period begins? I just needed to check for any modifications needed in my propsed idea and a small clarification.

Ask the questions on this thread so others can follow.

Ok works👍 it was mainly for mock data readings but I have begun work on that as well. @Darshpreet2000 I create the repository in my personal gitlab account then transfer the ownership? Actually there is already a NeoRoo project bootstrapped in the incubation section.

No, the repo is already created.

Fork that and then make merge requests to it.

@Darshpreet2000 so since we have to emulate the device, instead of using isolates we can have a mini bloc ( outside scope of bloc provider) to handle data for each baby. With clean code we can keep this in data layer and isolate from presentation layer. Sounds good? We can use the idea from the from scratch implementation of bloc pattern to mock the peripheral..

@sunbiz When we add a baby to the tracker program we might need some data fields. I read up online that not all babies can be given KMC, like in case of infection. So some confirmations can serve as a checklist for the health professional while adding a baby. Can you please provide the needed fields?

We should create an issue in the ECEB to create such a checklist. This checklist will allow triaging babies to recommend KMC or not. KMC-recommended babies could then be moved over into the NeoRoo app.

Let’s keep the scope of the NeoRoo app to be focused on the NeoWarm device connection and remote monitoring of KMC and the vitals from the biomedical device.

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@sunbiz The icons in the bottom navbar in the app are not standard flutter icons or belong to any standard library. Can I please have the icons? From the figma url, I cannot export the assets as the design is not opening on desktop. On mobile it directly opens the app prototype.

Please use material icons for most things and use the closest match for it. If there are some custom icons that are used @munjal-vandana can help with those. Can you specifically say which icons you are looking for?

@Hrishikesh-Bhagwat You can use the attached icon for STS (Skin-to-Skin).

Other icons are pretty standard, you can find them in the material icon library. If not, please ping me and I can help you find them.

@sunbiz please add credits for this icon in the application credits before launching. “Childcare by Aneeque Ahmed from

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That could be used for the logo too!

@munjal-vandana in the more options page is there a tablet layout? I built it for mobile. In tablet, cards are elongated.

Edit: I have created an alternate UI for tablet by restricting the width. Will be sharing here for feedback.

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