Project: Develop an android/ios mobile application NeoRoo (An integrated mHealth platform to improve nursing care for premature babies) @munjal-vandana @sunbiz Can you please see these tablet layouts? Also if the colour theme has better alternatives please do tell. I have written code in a way that it can be changed easily.

Also the connection will be managed in the vitals and STS section right? I am almost done with the enrollment flow with the offline persistance strategies needed. Will be making a merge request soon.

Thanks for updating the MRs by fixing the merge conflicts. However, I am still struggling with matching issues and the MRs. Please add Issues that you are working on and link the MRs to those issues.

I have linked the issues with the merge request now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The video for add baby flow.

Reminder about the Weekly Status Report

@sunbiz These are the recordings of the progress made. The mock BLE is also done to show data. Data pulling from ECEB as well as learning resources functionality, bookmarking and downloading to gallery is completed and the learning resources videos are uploaded to the DHIS2 instance and urls are pulled in and shown in app.

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Another Reminder about the Weekly Status Report

I should not have to track you down. Our expectations were laid out clearly in the beginning.