Project: Design and Implement a new UI for LibreHealth EHR

Summary Talks on changing the EHR’s theme to a default have been held on several occasions. Currently the EHR supports a variety of themes which were incorporated to the codebase as a feature. We wish to swap that to a default theme as some of the theme breaks the UI and some texts, pics, buttons don’t render appropriately on screen. Your task this summer will be to:

  1. Remove all current theme from the codebase and default to a chosen theme
  2. Design and implement a new interface for the EHR software from Mockups to UI realization.
  3. Incorporate this theme into the current codebase and ensure functionality with the current codebase.

Task Prerequisites :

  • Clone and setup the EHR instance locally
  • Solve at least two issues on our issue tracker to get familiar with the codebase
  • Design a mockup of the new interface for now the home screen and Login screen will do.

Skills :

  • Web development (HTML, CSS, JS, MySQL, PHP)
  • Web UI frameworks and Libraries (JQuery, Bootstrap, Materialize etc)

Deliverable At the end of this project, the EHR should have a new theme with all functionalities in place.

Bonus points: The EHR software is meant to be used on a desktop in a real practitioner’s office. Responsive design will be very much welcomed as far as mobile but that shouldn’t be a priority!

Resources: The codebase is currently hosted on Github here and the documentation here

Mentors : @mua_rachmann @judywawira, @r0bby

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Hello My names are Yemdjih Kaze Nasser, student at University of Buea studying Computer engineering. I would like to work on this project for GSOC 2020. I have experiences working with Php laravel, python and java. I have already setup the code base on my local pc and working towards solving the prequisite tasks.

Welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing you fix some issues.

Thanks. I Will be sending in code very soon.

Looking forward to it

Hi, I am Ngwa Sedrick Meh, a student at the University of Bamenda. Working on this would be great. I have some experience with PHP , Javascript, mysql and html/css.

Please, do we have dummy data for librehealthEhr, if yes, where can I find it?

Hi @nSedrickm welcome to LH. Have a look at the projects requirements and begin with the pre-requisite.

Not really, you don’t really need too much data to play around some stuff. You can go ahead and create the stuffs (patients, forms etc) by yourself using the interface. Later on you will be provided with data if needed

Ok, thanks. Will check that

Thank you @muarachmann . I will.

DO NOT work on any issues labelled outreachy

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Use Docker, it’s easier and works better :slight_smile:

Hi, I am having some difficulty finding my way around the codebase. Please is there any developer documentation?

What exactly are you looking for… Consider joining our rocket chat here for more help

Thanks I’ve joined the chat. I am looking for a guide which states the purpose of ehr’s individual components. It would help to know what files to modify to change a pages styling or add functionality.

Hello I’m Falence Lemungoh a Computer engineering student at the University of Buea. I vest with Javascript and PHP (and Laravel). I would love to be part of this project. My local environment is setup and running. I’m looking forward to getting started with prerequisite issues

Hi @nSedrickm I think with patience you can maneuver yourself around the codebase. and some folders are self-explanatory e.g assets for storing things like css, js , images. The EHR works with modules which are usually in the modules/ and has features for each screen in the interface/ directory. For example want to modify stuffs related to calendar think of looking into modules/calendar . Also you can make use of the inspector tool to find your way out. If you need help locating anything which should be trivial after spending hours on the codebase which you should be doing to get familiar with it. Feel free to reach out in the chat as earlier mentioned . Someone will definitely reach to you

Welcome @Falence, looking forward to that :slight_smile:

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Should we submit a proposal before working on the project