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(Ulrich Tchuenkam) #154

Hi @JLeow00,

Welcome and thanks for joining your community :slight_smile:

(Skinnyylad) #155

My name is Tan Yan Zhou. I am a student at Dunman High School in Singapore. I have learnt of this community through Google Code-In and I’m excited to see what this place has installed for me!

(Ryan Yeo) #156

Hi everyone, pleased to meet you all! I am currently working on the Google Code-In.

(Akshit Mahendru) #157

Hi, I am Akshit Mahendru from Haryana, INDIA. I am 14 studying 9 in Sacred Heart Convent School. I am new to this stuff. I had read about LibreHealth and want to contribute with them. I want to create some incredible things that could change the world. Like to do Code stuff, wanna be a hacker :slight_smile: WHITE HAT and love to do maths and solve problems.

(Trường Dĩ) #158

Hi everyone! My name is Võ Nguyễn Trường Dĩ.I am 17 years old. I live in Vietnam. I’m student and I’m learning in THPT Chuyen Ly Tu Trong now. I’m trying to become a programmer, this is my dream. My skills:

  • C++
  • Pascal
  • PHP

(Ulrich Tchuenkam) #159

You are welcome @Akshit

(Ulrich Tchuenkam) #160


We are equally pleased to have you here. Please tell us more about you.

(Art Eaton) #161

Trường Dĩ, Great to see another C++ guy here! PHP is another very important gateway language. Any programming at all is a very useful tool for expanding your possibilities. Let’s start a project!

(Aaron Chan) #162

Hi Guys, I’m Aaron Chan and I’m a junior in High School. I enjoy coding in Java and C, and I enjoy learning new coding languages. I hope to learn a lot out of Google Code-In.

Have a good day!

(Skywrapper) #163

hi my name is Aditya Mukti Nugroho, i am a student from indonesia, nice to see you guys. i really like coding and stuff, but i dont have any friends to help me. my first language is HTML, CSS and Java script. and it is still in progress
do you have any favorite site to help me ?

(Siau Wee Goh) #164

My name is Siau Wee. I am from Singapore and I am 16 years of age. I have recently gotten into computing and will like to learn more about programming and coding. I am interested in computer-related subjects. :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Filbert) #165

Hi, my name is Jonathan Filbert and I’m from Indonesia.

This is my first time participating in GCI

(Dave Adiastha) #166

My name’s Dave Adiastha. I’m a high school student from Indonesia. Now I’m 16, and living normal here in Yogyakarta. My hobby is photography and design some stuff. I can code a little, but I’m not really into that. Thank you for letting me to join this forum. Happy new year!

(Linus R) #167

Hello Guys, I’m Linus. I’m new to open MRS and I want to study about it. I’m currently a high school student in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I love everything about computer including coding, gaming, and stuff. I have little knowledge about html and c++. My goal is to be a computer system engineer.

(Vriyas Hartama Adesaputra) #168

Hello, My name’s Tama. I’m 16 years old. I’m currently a high school student in Yogyakarta. I like coding and playing minecraft.

(Arnavaghav) #169

Hey there everybody!

I am Arnav Aghav from India. I am a 9th Grade High school student at Loyola High School. I am very passionate about coding, writing algorithms, etc. I recently discovered GCI (Google Code In) through a answer in quora! I love learning! Whenever I have free time, I utilise it in learning something new!

Thanks, Arnav Aghav

(Alexius Adhitya K.) #170

Hi! I am Adhit and I’m 16 years old. I school at De Britto in Yogyakarta. This is my first time in LibreHealth and I’m excited for it. My passion are photography and computer, especially graphic design & multimedia. Currently learn about coding. That’s all about me.

(Moutou Marie Hillary Milena) #171

Hello everyone! I’m Hillary and I live in a small island called Mauritius. I’m actually studying computer science at school and I must say it’s one of my favourite subjects. I’m kind of new to open source but I find it quite fascinating and cannot wait to learn more about it. It’s really nice to see all the efforts being put in this community and specially the help being provided to save lives. I’m a firm believer that anyone can transcend from taking little steps to making giant leaps if he/she has the will and is passionate about his/her work. My pastime includes watching serials like elementary and ncis los angeles and I’m also a big pet lover.

(Jerrayl) #172

Hey everyone! I’m Jerrayl, a 17-year old student living in Singapore currently. Honestly, I only found this place because of Google Code-in, but it seems great that there’s an active and diverse community and everyone seems interested in computer science and technology. As a computing student, I’ve learned to code in Python, Javascript, Java, and a bit of C++. I enjoy application development, and especially game development; it’s fun to come up with ideas, stories and characters, and make the game mechanics work. I am not very knowledgeable about Health IT, so I have a lot to learn from everyone here!

(Jokubas de Kort) #173

Hi, I am Jokubas, I go to the European school in Luxembourg. And I really like programming and basketball. I am Dutch and Lithuanian.