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(Jayda Medina) #174

Hi! My name is Jayda Medina and I go to the Academy for Young Writers. I’m now learning how to code, and I like it a lot. I am a programmer on my schools FTC Robotics team, and this is my first Google Code-In.

(Ulrich Tchuenkam) #175

Welcome Medina. Looking forward to see great contributions from you.

(Anitej Biradar) #176

Hey everyone! My name is Anitej, and I’m a 10th grader in India. My hobbies include karate, playing my guitar, chess and robotics. I know HTML/CSS, and am eager to learn more languages. This is my first Google Code-In. I hope I can pick up a lot in these forums!

(Tan Hong Zhao) #177

HI! I’m Hong Zhao from Singapore. I’m 17 this year and just starting to learn coding in Dunman High School. It enjoy playing sports and games in my free time. This is my first google-code in and I hope I can learn more from this experience.

(Robby O'Connor) #178

@Agentzhao, please say more than just this…actually introduce yourself.

(DHS 17Y2J Chong Chi Hsuan) #181

Hi. Im Chi Hsuan from Singapore Dunman High School. I am 14 this year. This is my first time joining in the Google Code-In with the advice of my school teacher, but definitely not my first in programming. I have participated in the National Primary Games Creation Competition 2015. I have also attended mini lectures at Singapore’s NUS High, NUS and NTU. Hope that this year’s GCI could be a fufilling experience for me too!

(Phillips Zhu) #182

Hi, Im Vincentius Phillips from a highschool in Indonesia. i am 16 years old and this is the first time im joining the Google Code-In project. i am interested in coding, games, etc. Even though i don’t have many experience myself. I hope i can learn a lot from this project

(Ashley Lim) #183


I am Ashley, a student. I am participating in Google Code-In this year. It’s my second year! I was inspired by the work that the community has done so far. I look forward to see how best I can contribute to openMRS and librehealth. I am glad that I am able to become a part of such a huge open-source community.

(Chen Wuyang) #184

Hi, I’m Chen Wuyang from Dunman HIgh School. I have learnt C++ and basic and I am very interested in coding. I am in infocomm the CCA.

(Tadashileo) #185

Hi, Im Si Yi from Singapore. I am a 17 year old student studying at Dunman High School. I am interested in a variety of sports. Even though i don’t have many experience with coding, I hope i can learn some things from this project!

(Sparsh Garg) #186

hello, i am sparsh garg from india. i am working with my web development skills these days.

(I Made Andre Dwi Winama Putra) #187

hello,i am Andre. Im a student from Indonesia.This is the first time im joining Google Code-ln project.I’m excited for it,because i want to try something new this year.I hope to learn more about Google Code-ln

(raul dinso) #188

Hi my name is Dinsorean Raul, i am a student from Romania. I like IT and all things about tehnology. I want to be a great programmer . I like the games same , graphics , photoshop projects and any others things about graphics. I want to know more in this domain. Nice to see you guys, with same interests . :slight_smile:

(Moutou Marie Hillary Milena) #189

Hello everyone! I’m Hillary and I live in a small island called Mauritius. I’m actually studying computer science at school and I must say it’s one of my favourite subjects. I’m kind of new to open source but I find it quite fascinating and cannot wait to learn more about it. It’s really nice to see all the efforts being put in this community and specially the help being provided to save lives. I’m a firm believer that anyone can transcend from taking little steps to making giant leaps if he/she has the will and is passionate about his/her work. My pastime includes watching serials like elementary and ncis los angeles and I’m also a big pet lover.

(Karol Borecki) #190

Hey! My name is Karol, i’m from Poland and i’m a Java programmer, some time ago I started to learn the spring, I really like it! I started with C ++ then I started to learn C #, and programming something in Unity 3D, but it was not enough satisfactory for me, so I decided to learn Java and XML in order to make Android finally write in the spring and I do not think that it is something that might be something I like, like this! :smiley:

(Acha Bill) #191

Nice to have your with us, @Karol_Borecki

(Tat Huynh Anh Khoi) #192

Hello everybody, my name is Khoi. I am from Vietnam. I like IT very much. This is the first time i join google code-in. I am student. I am studying C++ and i am interested in C++ very much. However i am not good at IT, so i hope everyone help me.

(Thanh Vy) #193

Hi Guys, I’m Nguyen Thanh Thanh Vy and I’m a highschool student in Vietnam. It’s a great honour to be here sharing with you. My interest is finding about building web and creating app. I’m now in a information teachnology class. I’m just a newbie. Hope to learn from your knowledge and experience :smiley:

(Rugved Deshmukh) #194

Hello Guys , i’m Rugved Deshmukh from India. I am a student in the 9th Grade and am very excited for the GCI, because this is the first time i’m ever competing in such an international competiton. I love the subject of Computers and i am also the school topper , i have completed 2 tasks and will get a tshirt if i get this one approved.I love coding and have several achievements regarding it, its been nice to meet people who have interest in the same topic. I feel good to be in the community and i promise i will be an active dissussor.

(Pranav Mehta) #195

Hello! I am Pranav Mehta, a high school student from India. I’m really passionate about Computers and coding. I’ve been programming for 3 years now and wish to make a difference in the world. This is my first time in GCI and I’m really excited to learn many new things, under FOSSASIA. I’m also a car enthusiast and enjoy learning about them.