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(Vasudev Singhal) #133

Hello all,

I am Vasudev from India, I am high school student and this year got to know about fossasia through Google Code In. Really liking the way this community is.

I like web development and really passionate but new in Angular JS.

Hope to have a continous part of Open Source.


(Aneesh Chawla) #134

Hi, I’m Aneesh Chawla, I’m in class 12. I recently started with open sourcing and took part in Google Code in. Earlier i used to participate in competitive programming and I’m currently trying out different paradigms’ of computer science. I’m very eager to see what everyone here helps build through the LibreHealth organisation. It’s good to meet you all!

(Filip) #135

Hi, I’m Filip Zinowiew from Poland. I like computer games and new technologies. Everyday I’m thinking about problems. This is my first time in GCI, hope you people will help me to be a good programmer.

(Klaudia Respondek) #136

Hello. My name is Klaudia and I learn in Technical school in Poland. I really like tasks from informatic, phisic, mechatronics and robotics

(Balan Caius Laurentiu) #137

Hello! My name is Caius and I’m sixteen years old. I participate at Google Code In 2016-2017 and I felt very happy to be able to contribute to LibreHealth Forums. I’m from Romania and i live in Orastie, a pretty small city in the Hunedoara county. I am a pretty good student(Grade 10 ). I have a lot of passions that I do in my spare time; I play football every day; football is my life, and I wouldn’t be anything without it. I am goalkeeper at FCM “Dacia Orastie”, the football club from my city. Also, I go to gym almost every day, because I want to keep in fit. My other passion is gaming; I play a lot of video games such as Cs:Go or Fifa 17. That all I can say about me and I hope that my experience on LibreHealth Forum will be a pleasing one.

(Kimberly Do) #138

Hello, everyone!

My name is Kimberly (on GCI, I am tetradium) and I am a high school student here at LibreHealth for the Google Code-In. I have a passion for computers and coding, I enjoy spending my free time programming and indulging in web development. Reading is also another one of my hobbies.

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to join the community at LibreHealth for the remainder of the GCI.

Happy coding and a pleasure to meet you all!

(Karim29ehab) #139

Oh hi everybody, My name is Karim,17 and I’m an egyptian IGCSE victim … hahaha jk ,I have no experience about anything includes programming or coding except I had the opportunity to attend a course which I didn’t get much knowledge from and I’m looking forward to experience new things and having them as a hobby as well. Happy to be in the community! Hooray. :slight_smile:

(Ulrich Tchuenkam) #140

Hi @Tetradium,

Welcome to your community

(Katrina Florendo) #141

Hello! I’m Katrina. I’m very passionate about STEM, especially programming. I enjoy learning new programming languages and building upon the previous languages I’ve learned. I also love playing soccer, drawing, and playing violin. I’m excited to participate in Google Code-In this year and look forward to the many opportunities it presents.

(Lexi Schneider) #142

Hello! My name is Lexi Schneider. I’m currently a senior in a PA high school. I’m really interested in both biochemistry and computer science and would love to pursue a combination of these fields. I have a java/python background and have enjoyed working with my school’s robotics team. I’m excited to learn more about what LibreHealth does!

(Luca Demian) #143

Hi! My name is Luca, and I am a high school sophomore interested in science. I am interested in both health sciences and computer science. I think it is fascinating how those two branches of science will start merging in the future. I am very excited about interacting with the community here on LibreHealth, and hope to learn lots of new things!

(arshia Soleimanimoorchehkhorti) #144


I am Arshia, a sophomore who is interested in Computer Engineering as a major, I have learned java and c++. Hope that I could collaborate on some of the open source projects.

(Jina Kim) #145

Hi, my name is Jina Kim and I’m currently a sophomore in high school. I don’t have a lot of experience with open-source projects but I wanted to check them out. I am excited to see how I can contribute to OpenMRS and LibreHealth. I have some programming knowledge in Java, Python, and Javascript.

Thank you.

(Alice Kogo) #146

Hello all! I’m Alice Kogo, a junior at Olathe North High School in the US, and I plan to study software development to pursue my profession later in life. I’ve only been coding for around three years, but I plan to gain experience and hopefully learn a couple more languages, like Java, C++, or C this summer. Besides programming, I enjoy speech and debate, band, and some track and field events. Overall, I’m glad for Google Code In. It’s a good way for me to showcase my skills and prove my usefulness, and it’s pretty fun to participate in.

(Ulrich Tchuenkam) #147

Welcome to the community @ltdemian

(Auhc) #148

Hi all! My name is Colin. I have a great passion for computing and anything that has to do with tech and gadgets. :slight_smile:

(Ulrich Tchuenkam) #149

Hi @_arshiya_asd,

Nice having you on board

(Archan Ghosh) #150

Hey Guys Archan Here, I like painting and coding and also painting with coding.

(Subiloble) #152

My name is Xin Peng. I am a student at a Singaporean school. I like coding and playing chess.

(Jerome Leow) #153

Hello everyone I’m Jerome from Dunman High School in Singapore and this is my 3rd GCI. I was exposed to infocomm and infocomm tech before and since then has been very interested in open source.