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(Robby O'Connor) #318

(Prabodh Kotasthane) #320

Hello! I am Prabodh Kotasthane , 3rd year student from BIT Mesra , Ranchi , India . I am interested in open source development and would like to contribute to LibreHealth. I have also contributed to OpenMRS in some issues. I am familiar with EHR systems and hope to do my best. I am also a GSoC 2018 aspirant! Thank you :slight_smile:

(Abhinav Singh) #321

I am Abhinav student of Electronic Engineering at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. I have worked for websites for my college and personal projects and now I am interested to have hands on open source and GSOC 2018 via LibreHealth would be a great way!!

(Anoosha Keen) #322

Hi this is Anoosha Keen. I know C,C++,python, html,CSS, JavaScript,jQuery, XML,JSON,AJAX, PHP and MYSQL. I don’t know where to get started for GSOC 18.Any help would be appreciated.

(Art Eaton) #323

For GSOC18, please look for community threads here that specifically name GSOC. You will find many helpful resources.

In short, we have the Toolkit, Radiology, and Electronic Health Records projects. We are also building other tooling, like an FHIR HL7 server application and lots of other smaller projects in satellite repositories. Links to the repos are found here: and on gitlab. You will find that some are JAVA, and the others are xAMP stack projects. In addition, there is great potential for someone with C++ skills to build external tools like communication servers, report and form building wizards, and any number of other things.

(Layllah Therion) #324

Hi Awesome Ehr coders and pioneers! I’m Layllah. a long time if it’s hardware, network, codes, web, and data I’ve played with used it published it and wrote an “app” for that. I’ve been asked by my doctor to test LiberHealth EHR modified especially for Addiction/Pain Management. I’m in the process of flashing a router DD-WRT for secure VPN. I have the ability to test the aformentioned on my own secure server. The doctor currently uses Google apps for scheduling! A fact that mortifies me, Quickbooks on the backend and the usual NYS Prescription as well as compliance. There are very few Adiction and Pain management geared software packages, not surprising the ones there are cost more than this small office can afford. If any of you have suggestions that will minimize my test scenario ie, sample data set, tweaks for the mentioned sub-specialty I’d be very grateful. Thank you for all your work and I look forward to contibuting what I can. PS In face of the opiate epidemic this doctor has found a way to treat pain without creating blazing addicts and is the only one of his kind that cares enough to do both in a county of just under one million people so your input will help a lot of people Thanks again!

(Terry Hill) #325

Welcome Layllah. Are you going to install LibreHealth EHR, if so look at the and The code does not like PHP 7.1 (we are working on that) PHP 7.0 or PHP5.6 will work. The forms used by the pain clinic can be built fairly easily and we might even have something pretty close to what you want. Test data can be found here . Let us know if you need anything on the support chat

(Layllah Therion) #326

Thank you so much!! My web server uses the “softalicious” installer and offers LibreHealth EHR so the installation will go to the appropriate PHP version and all requirements that should allow for a smooth test. I also have the ability to do a self installation and select your recommended versions! Thanks Again!

(Oshifeko Opeoluwa Taiwo) #327

Hello guys, my name is Oshifeko Opeoluwa Taiwo. I just applied for LibreHealth Intern and I am looking for mentor, to know the way forward on the project. I look forward for response! thanks.

(Priyanshu Sinha) #328

Hi @Oshifeko_Opeoluwa_Ta welcome to the community. :slight_smile: Just tell us what your skills are. If you are comfortable in PHP then you should go for LibreHealth EHR and if you are more towards JAVA, then you should opt radiology project. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

(Oshifeko Opeoluwa Taiwo) #331

Hey thanks for your response. I am a beginner in python añd i also do much in writing.

I love to read back from you soon.

(Reshu Singh) #332

Hello LibreHealth Community! I am Reshu Singh,hailing from India. I came to know about this community via Outreachy. Targetting for Outreachy Summer’18. Newbie in Open Source community.The project seemed really appealing and I would love to contribute. Looking forward to it!

(Sam Bowen) #333

Hello LibreHealth!

New to these pages and forums. I’m a long time OpenEMR user about to convert over to LibreEHR. I run a medical practice in Hickory, North Carolina, USA. We have been using OpenEMR as a Health Information Exchange to coordinate the care highly disabled adults that live 110 facilities in the states of North Carolina and Virginia. We run a custom module that separates the different facilities into different privacy entities but still allows our staff to overlook everything. On a daily basis we run several hundred users who use the software to care 5,000-6,000 disabled adults of which 60-70 percent have dementia.

We have 12 full time practitioners taking care of dozens of case management issues each 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So far I love the ease of use and ease of learning LibreEHR! We are training up our staff getting ready for the long awaited conversion in the next few weeks.

Sam Bowen, MD

(Murshid Hassen) #334

Hello Everyone. Its great feeling bit nervous as well, I am new to a medical community like Librehealth. Hoping to contribute to a great project on a health-based community. Would definitely need your support. Thanks again everyone. Murshid Hassen.

(Bob Hoyt) #335


Good to see you on the Forum as it has been a decade or more since we talked.

Bob Hoyt @rhoyt

(Sam Bowen) #336

Hi Bob,

It has been a while. I’ve been working with others in the community supporting the LibreEHR project for a while on the back end of things. I’ve been dying to get converted over from OpenEMR. My usual rabble rousing, once kicked off, the group has made a huge amount of progress. I have Art Eaton in Hickory training my staff to help take the anxiety out of switching over. I just love the new patient portal, kudos to the development team.

Sam Bowen, MD

(Klauch Nelly) #337

Hi All,

My name is Mechuachi Klauch Nelly, i am a student in University of Buea from Cameroon. I have skills in Java, C, HTML and CSS, but Java remains my favorite language . I have heard about LibreHealth from friends , and its mission to make health better for all of us through IT really interseted me. I am willing to work, learn and give my own contribution to this community and i would also like to participate in the upcoming GSoC.

(mua laurent) #338

welcome to the community @swoft237

(Lenya Hope Nembi) #339

Welcome, join the chat at

(Robby O'Connor) #340

Welcome to LibreHealth! :slight_smile: