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(Aaron Peerson) #267

Hello, everyone! This is healthcare tech enthusiast.

(Terry Hill) #268

Welcome fellow healthcare tech enthusiast.

(Asha Surapaneni) #269

Hi, I am Asha Kiranmayee Surapaneni. I am a Health Informatics graduate student from Indiana University- Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI). I have learned about the LibreHealth, through my work, as a research assistant in the dept. of Biohealth informatics, IUPUI. The health informatics program at IUPUI introduced me to programming and I am working on improving my programming skills, that I have acquired through the coursework. I have basic knowledge about java, python, SQL, and R. LibreHealth being a great platform connecting health IT enthusiasts around the world, I look forward to interacting with fellow members, learn from the community as well as contribute to the community.

(Sary Beidas) #270

Hello, I am a clinician (internal medicine / infectious diseases) informatician from Jacksonville Florida. My interests in informatics are broad; however, in the last 3-4 years have been teaching a graduate course “case studies health informatics” at National University. In my daily work, I teach/facilitate physicians-in-training at an Internal Medicine residency.

Responsibilities I have besides patient care include research activities for residents. I have been slowly pushing computational thinking practices using “R.” In addition, advanced residents work with me during their “clinical educator” rotation where they are introduced to faculty development with a digital education twist. That is, residents get a chance to explore using the EMR for different educational purposes. Hence, my interest in learning more about LibreHealth.

(Terry Hill) #271

Welcome @sbeidas and @Asha_Surapaneni Look around the site. The EHR demo is at . Code can be found at .Support can be found on these forums or on the chat . login on for the Demo is admin and the pass phrase is password.

(Judy Gichoya) #272

Welcome @sbeidas at librehealth there are 3 projects - the EHR, Radiology information system and a toolkit

A core function is education and infrastructure and this fall we have 4 universities piloting NHANES data loaded EHR for education. You may want to check those out and even better review @rhoyt treasure hunts and student tasks to make them better

Welcome to the community

(Bob Hoyt) #273

@teryhill, @judywawira, @yehster

I did ask Dr. Beidas to log into the Forum and introduce himself. He has excellent IT/Informatics knowledge and a physician so glad he is taking a look at LibreHealth EHR

(Kevin Yeh) #274

Dr. Beidas, I would love to hear more about the sorts of analyses you have been doing with R.

Not sure how much Dr. Hoyt has told you about what we have been doing, but one of our primary goals at present is to provide realistic data sets for research and educational purposes.

To that end, we are currently populating instances of the EHR with data from the CDC’s NHANES data sets to create about 9000 patient records problems lists, medications and some lab data.

One analysis that I’ve done with this data is to look at the incidences of each of the diseases we have data for and how they varies across ethnic groups.

It is interesting to see these variations confirmed in another source.

(Sary Beidas) #275

Hello Kevin, Most of the data analysis i do is in conjunction with clinical data that i get based on observational research projects that the residents select. I facilitate the learning of R so that they can learn hoe to properly populate a spreadsheet, interogate their data and analyze it using the appropriate statistical test.

I have been trying to create simulated patients in meditech and nextgen but have not had traction yet; hence my interest in seeing / contributing to what you all are doing in LibreHealth.

Also, i am planning to start a precision medicine primary care clinic (a project one of my residents is interested in), and figuring out how to begin the process of mapping genotypes and phenotypes.

I have to go through librehealth tutorials to figure out using it properly, or/and request getting added to the education group to build my understanding and participate. Bob had mentioned the nhanes data to me but i have to first be able to learn the basics of librehealth. R Sary


(Be) #276

Hi, my name is Be. I’m introducing myself here after meeting @r0bby, @judywawira, @tony, and @downey this past weekend at the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit. I am a contributor and GSOC mentor for Mixxx DJ Software. When I’m not working on Mixxx or musical endeavors, I study medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Prior to that, I did my undergraduate studies in neuroscience also at UIC. Between medical school and Mixxx, I don’t think I’ll have much time to contribute to LibreHealth now, but I’m sure I’ll get more involved at some point. In the meantime I’ll be talking to my classmates and teachers about the importance of software freedom in health care and telling them about LibreHealth. :slight_smile:

(Robby O'Connor) #277

It was great meeting you and welcome to LibreHealth!

(Soumya D Coder) #278

Hi I am Soumyadeep Jana,currently a 2nd year undergraduate student in KIIT University,Bhubaneswar,India.I am pursuing BTech in Information Technology.I have been involved with open source for about a year.I have always wanted to contribute to something that will have a great impact on the world and what better field it can be other than healthcare.I am really excited to contribute to LibreHealth.I am quite proficient in 1.PHP 2.Nodejs 3.Angularjs 4.Java 5.Javascript

(Terry Hill) #279

@SoumyadeepJana welcome. The patient portal in LibreHealth EHR is a area that could use some work. Just a suggestion.

(Soumya D Coder) #280

Sure.I am looking into it.

(Art Eaton) #281

Soumya D Coder,

Welcome aboard!

Yep. You found the right place where single geek with a computer really can have a significant worldwide effect.

Let’s get to work, and have lots of fun doing it!

(Robby O'Connor) #282

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(Siddhartha Nuthakki) #283

Hi, This is Siddhartha Nuthakki pursuing Masters in Health Informatics at Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis. Being a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate I am enthused to enhance healthcare using Information technology. I learned about LibreHealth from my professor and astonished with the efforts to improve quality of healthcare around the world. I am familiar with the OpenMRS framework as we did a project on achieving interoperability among various departments in OpenMRS. I have good knowledge on MySQL, Python, JavaScript and beginner in Java. I am looking forward to join and contribute to the community.

(Tigpezeghe Rodrige Kwenchu) #284

Welcome to LibreHealth @Siddhartha.Nuthakki. This is the right place for you. :wink:

Get involved in any of the projects here. They’re all great!

(Harry Ngatchu ) #285

Hello, Hi, Greetings, …

I am Harry. I met Judy at the 2017 Open Source conference in Prague and here I am getting involved in this Librehealth community.

Life is a wonderful gift that we sometimes measure by the quality of our health. I have been involved in many projects and activities and enjoy coaching and Mentoring high achievers.

I look forward to an active participation in this community. Thank you for this community.

(Tigpezeghe Rodrige Kwenchu) #286

Hi, @Harry welcome. Thanks for joining the community!