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(Harley Tuck) #247

Hi Folks- this is Harley Tuck. I live in Portland, OR, and I’m looking to contribute user documentation to the LibreHealth EHR project in the the form of both written and video materials that target different levels of expertise and training objectives. My background includes a previous career in nursing where I wrote plenty of clinical workflow docs; a BS in Health Informatics and I’ve been contributing user docs to the OpenEMR project for appx 3 years.

(Bob Hoyt) #248

Hi Harley,

I was impressed with the videos you did for OpenEMR. We need similar videos for LibreHealth EHR. If you go to Education >> User guides you will see that I have 5 PDFs for students and instructors.

We could definitely use a general video introducing people to the many features of LibreHealth EHR. Overtime we could use a variety of user-friendly videos

(Jimmy Chu) #249

Hi All,

My name is Jimmy Chu. I am located in Hong Kong. I am owning a small business about medical device trading. I possess a Computer Science degree from the US, MBA and health informatics master degree in Hong Kong. I have been playing around the open EHR solution such as openMRS, openEMR and so on. Librehealth is quite nice based on the UX design and function feature. I hope I can introduce it to the people in my country. I also like coding even though not doing program very often after started my business.

(Art Eaton) #250

Hi Jimmy. Welcome to the gang here. I am sure that advice on medical devices would be welcome here. There are minimalist stock and warehousing tools in the EHR. This system could use a review by someone in the Medical Supply business. From your background, I would guess that you handle electronic medical devices. If that is so, then your input on choosing and implementing devices that are capable of network integration with the EHR and the LH toolkit, such as vitals, spirometry, and of course EKG data would be very helpful.

(Harley Tuck) #251

Hi Bob- Glad you liked those OpenEMR videos; I’m pretty much a one- trick pony so my work for LibreEHR is going to be very similar… Just took a look at your pdfs and they look like great educational tools! I’m getting ready to record a 2 part overview of LibreEHR; with luck, before the weekend I will have them in the ‘librehealthehr’ YouTube channel I just set up. Over the course of time I also intend to create more specific ones, re: setting up a facility; adding a new patient; adding a new user account-- basically all the preliminary activities to get an office going.

(Bob Hoyt) #252

Great News! This will be a great addition to LibreHealth EHR

(Jimmy Chu) #253

Nice to meet you. sure, I will try my best to provide any information which is useful for improving this application. Actually, I am also providing some EHR implementation and consultant service locally. By the way, I have few quick questions about Librehealth. What is the relationship between Librehealth, OpenMRS and OpenEMR. Is Librehealth developed based on OpenEMR program code and just improve the user interface? Also what is Librehealth ToolKit? Can I assume it is exactly same as OpenMRS?

(Art Eaton) #254

Yes in both cases…with about a year and a half of divergence. That is, of course, a lot of divergence.

(Brandy Ziesemer) #255

Greetings from Central Florida; Lake-Sumter State College. I am excited to participate in the LibreHealth pilot. We have a rigorous degree program in health information technology that requires students to demonstrate a wide variety of technical skills and knowledge such as abstracting quality measures and coding but also generating database queries, analyzing clinical and demographic information; graphically presenting the results of data analysis and assisting clinicians with documentation integrity in ehrs. Toward the end of this fall, 9 of our students will exhibit at a local physicians’ expo and use LibreHealth system to demonstrate what they can do for medical practices as employees.

(Art Eaton) #256

Hi Brandy. Right here with you over in Tampa! Sure would be nice to visit an event with you folks.

(Robby O'Connor) #257

Welcome @BrandyZ – we’re in the process of ironing things out. But one issue is that we are not providing direct access to the database for queries, for that you will have to have your students run a local instance of Librehealth EHR and work with a local mysql database…otherwise LibreHealth will provide an EHR system for you to use.

(Brandy Ziesemer) #258

That’s great. Our physicians’ expo is November 30 and we are less than 2-hours from Tampa. We sometimes host a N and CF HIMSS event at our S Lake Campus, too.

(Brandy Ziesemer) #259

Thank you. That will work well for us. I’m excited to be a part of this pilot

(Lenya Hope Nembi) #260

Greetings to everyone! my name is Lenya Hope Nembi. I am a computer engineering student at the University of Buea, Cameroon. I am also a member of the openMRS community where I have been making some contributions. I am happy to be a part of this community as I a, looking forward to help grow the community by making contributions as well as learn from the community.

(Tendonge Ryan) #261

Hi, my name is Tendonge Ryan, computer engineering student at the University of Buea, Cameroon. I learned about LibreHealth from a friend and and I am not new to open source development as I’ve been a member of OpenMRS for quite some time. I am looking for an opportunity to showcase and improve my skills in java, and am also looking forward to exciting and gruesome challenges that would build me up to become the best software developer I can possibly be. Cheers

(Tigpezeghe Rodrige Kwenchu) #262


My name is Tigpezeghe Rodrige (Trodrige), I’m a senior Software Engineering student at the University of Buea, Cameroon. In love with PHP (Laravel), some JavaScript, soccer and learning new things.

I’m interested in saving lives, (Write Code, Save Lives). “LibreHealth is the right place”. I wish to accomplish this with my SQL, PHP and JavaScript knowledge.

I know I’ll have a great time with the community, much to learn and share.


(Ivange Larry) #263

Welcome to LibreHealth. It’s great seeing guys from my neighborhood joining the community. You’ll have a great time here.

(Art Eaton) #264

Great to have you aboard.

Frankly, the younger devs here are itching to get LibreHealthEHR headed more towards a Laravel platform, which is difficult to do in a stranglevine refactor, so more devs interested in that route would be very welcome. Of course, my understanding is that the Java based Toolkit also needs quality reusable web components, and the "opportunities" so to speak for project selection abound.

(Art Eaton) #265

We are all one neighborhood around here…but it is a lot more fun when you have some folks you might be able to actually hang out with one day.

(Ivange Larry) #266

Fair point :grinning: