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We love discussions, and hope you’ll start many and contribute to even more of them here on this site. :slight_smile:

That said, we also hope you’ll drop in and chat with us too! While many open source projects have used IRC in the past, we’re looking forward not backward, so encourage you to join us on our Rocket.Chat platform at https://chat.librehealth.io. It’s the perfect place for casual conversation about our community. See you there!



I guess rocketchat requires a different/separate user account … too bad it not just part of this forum. I really don’t need a sixth way to talk to people. I use Slack as it is for several groups.

Agree, although you should be able to sign in to both with a GitHub, Twitter, etc account thanks to oAuth. There may come a time when we need to roll out a single account for all LibreHealth services, and if so we can use all tools with that single account.

FWIW, each Slack organization requires a separate account too … They just allow you to aggregate all those accounts in a single mobile app. (Like Rocket.Chat does!)

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@tony, you have a github account :stuck_out_tongue: You can auth against that…or twitter…

I agree unless absolutely necessary…no phone calls

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