GSoC 2019 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet

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Hi sir @r0bby. I am new to gsoc. I just had one query. On LibreHealth’s section in gsoc website, there the 3 umbrella projects listed. So my contribution has to be just related to those 3 projects or can it be anything?

Regards Aman Goyal NIT Kurukshetra

  1. Don’t use “sir/madam”
  2. We do have 3 projects but since mentoring is a labor-intensive job, we don’t have an adequate number of mentors for LibreHealth EHR.

Ok. So is it fine if I put a proposal on a different idea than the 3 projects?

No. You have to be matched to a mentor. If you are proposing a project, you have to find at least 2 mentors willing to work with you. If you want to discuss your project, hop on our chat.

Our project ideas are based on the needs that we have currently.

Hello sir,

Myself Rajat Jadam from India. I have a working experience in Java for around more than 4 years. Currently I am working on CoAp(Constrained Application Protocol) and CoCoA[ Californium made purely in java ] used for iot-devices.

I am very eager to join your open source project so that i can contribute to this world something worth.

Read the following:

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Students – please read the past messages. Part of what we evaluate is your ability to have even basic attention to detail and research skills.

Hello Everyone here!

I am Ramneek, final year under-graduate student pursuing Computer Science Engineering from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India. I am passionate about solving real-world problems around me for the betterment of our society. I am applying in GSOC 2019 since this is the first time to explore the power of connecting with people around the world for the betterment of society using Open Source Work. Plus, I have hands-on experience in JAVA Based Software Development, Cloud Computing, Networking and Internet of Things. I am interested in the “LibreHealth Toolkit” Project since I have before worked on a project like this.

So, please do guide me how to submit my proposal for the betterment of existing toolkit API.

Thanks & Regards Ramneek Netcom Professional New Delhi, India



Hello, lovely community.

My name is Atri Tripathi and I am 3rd-year Computer Science undergrad from Visveswaraya Technological University, Bangalore, India. I wish to use my skills to contribute to this LibreHealth project. I have gone through some of the threads and since I couldn’t find any, I would like to propose a project based on Android app for LibreHealth, through which I would like to involve myself full-time contributing on this project, with respect to GSOC '19. Moreover, I have also been working on Android Development for over 1.5 years now, have an Android app published on Playstore (completely open-source) and am well versed with Java.

Regarding the same, I would like to know if there is a scope for me to get started on this Android app for LibreHealth, and thereby should I create a separate thread specifically for this?

I would really appreciate if @r0bby could throw some light upon this query of mine.

Thank you,
Atri Tripathi


Welcome! So we don’t have an Android app as of yet…the issue is matching you a mentor right now and stabilizing the APIs necessary for the Android application to work, which is what most of our GSoC projects are aiming to do right now. LibreHealth Toolkit should work with the OpenMRS Android client – since we forked from them. LibreHealth EHR – I’m not entirely sure of right now.

My advice would be to look at our existing projects and see if you can find a fit – it’s all Java so you should feel at home and the projects should be in your skill set.

@sunbiz might have more insight than I do.

Hi everyone,

My name is Andrew Godwin, Computer Science undergraduate at Lagos State University, in my third year. I’m itching to start contributing to Open Source projects; I want to learn more and start writing software for healthcare. I code in Java, PHP, JavaScript and SQL. I’m still learning Python, I try to learn a new thing everyday. I’m sure my awesome mentors can match me with an awesome project fit for me.



@r0bby Thanks, I wish I had seen this earlier I wouldnt have re-posted in the chat.

Ah, this project sounds awesome. I can get myself stuck into this and do a reasonable job.

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Just started drafting… Need your comments

Unfortunately we will not be able to accept this.

This shouldn’t have been your first engagement with us. Your proposal lacks any substance. A 2 page proposal when you are proposing an idea not listed on our ideas list is not in any way good enough.

Please choose from our ideas list.

No, we don’t have an Android app. The project ideas are what we have, and the bandwidth to mentor.

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