Google Summer of Code 2022 Contributor meet and greet

Congratulations to all 4 of our fantastic @gsoc2022contributors. Use this topic to introduce yourselves and whatever else.


Hi all!

I am Daniil from Kazakhstan. This summer I will be working towards the Machine Learning models for image classification, object detection and segmentation in Virtual Reality project. I have experience in computer vision, nlp and ml. I guess that the most challenging part of the project for me could be the simulation of VR environment, so I hope to find inspiration for that in other projects (in particular, Mockup Development for Virtual Reality Application).

My plan is to use domain adaptation to make models that can easily solve surgery instruments detection, segmentation and scene classification problems in ordinary environment suitable for VR.

Wish you a very productive summer

Hello everyone. I am Hrishikesh Bhagwat. I will be working on the NeoRoo application this summer. I have found out some responsive design guidelines that can fit the use case well (bootstrap/tailwind have not always worked well) and respond to different orientations. I have also setup the blog where I shall be reporting my weekly progress and sharing the link on the concerned topic.