Project: Mockup Development for Virtual Reality Application


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@sshivaditya You will be working on this project. Please let me know what time works for you so that we can schedule a meeting. We will conduct meeting on forum itself.

Does Sunday 9:30 PM IST work for you ?

Hi @sshivaditya how about Sunday 10:30 PM IST? That will be 1:00 PM EST?

10:30 PM IST works for me

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@sshivaditya sent the calendar invite.

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Project Weekly brief:

  1. Handheld and Gesture Based Controllers are to be used
  2. Vitals are to be obtained from the Mock API
  3. Radiography has to be in sync with the video.
  4. Chat Will record voice annotations which would then be answered by attending surgeon/Doctor or ML Model
  5. Image size would 224x224
  6. Video Controls should be able to rewind and play from the live stream on pause/play subsequently

Blockers: None as of Now

Tasks for the week:

  1. Design a Mockup in Unity with static content for the initial phase

This week’s progress. Initial Static Mockup Design Complete. All the textures are designed in blender.

@pri2si17 Pulse Physiology Engine | Integration | Unity Asset Store Can I use this package/asset in the project. For drawing the vital chart we can use with thispackage

Additional Links:

Regarding Chat Functionality

For Video Delivery the following SDK can be tried

This week’s blog post

One other idea: Why not make it Matrix-based? We might adopt Matrix at some point as a replacement for Rocket Chat.

Edit: Nevermind.

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Project Weekly brief:

  1. Simple Chat App using TCP and Sockets designed using unity.
  2. Chat app made in 2d Non VR mode. (In order to test multi-client communication)
  3. UI for Chat Pane in VR is in progress

Blockers: None as of now

Tasks for the week:

  1. Complete the Chat UI interface in VR and test

Hi @sshivaditya please use following repo for the chat:

LibreHealth / LibreHealth Radiology / lh-radiology-vr-chat · GitLab

@sshivaditya Reminder about the weekly report.

Project Weekly brief:

  1. Completed Chat UI completely
  2. Tested Oculus Integrations SDK with Existing UI
  3. Designed Voice Recording and subsequent conversion to byte stream pipeline


  1. Oculus Integrations SDK offers out of box Hand Tracking instead of controllers. The existing UI elements are not working with the SDK. Pulse Physiology is also facing issues while rendering. All of these issues do not exist with Unity’s XR Interaction toolkit.

Tasks for week:

  1. Revert back to Unity XR interaction toolkit
  2. Work on Chat UI Pipeline
  3. Complete the Voice Chat Code

Hi @sshivaditya , thanks for the update. Can you please provide update for this week on the forum itself and can you please share an screen recording of the working chat app? I will meet you next week.

Hi @sshivaditya can you add screen recording?

Reminder about the Weekly Status Report