First (Phase 1) GSoC 2020 Evaluations Due 1 July at 1800 UTC

Per the GSoC 2020 Timeline, the window period to submit the first (phase 1) student/mentor evaluations have opened. Sign into your Summer of Code Dashboard to complete your evaluation as soon as humanly possible.

The questions can be found here. You have until 2020-07-03T18:00:00Z to complete this. Both students and mentors are required to complete evaluations. Please have them completed no later than 2020-07-01T18:00:00Z, which is 48 hours before the official deadline, if you do not have them done by this time, expect gentle prodding.

Students: You are required to complete these, please do so. I will pester you if you do not.

Mentors: You too are required to do it, and the consequences if you fail to submit your evaluation, it affects the organization as a whole. Please complete them, if you are unable to, have a backup or ping @sunbiz, @judywawira, or myself with what you’d like us to say and we will do it on your behalf.

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@gsoc2020students – thank you to all of you for doing you evals! The rest of this post is for your mentors.

@mentors Those of you who did your evaluations in a timely fashion, great work! Those that did not are mentioned below:

Please try to set aside some time, you have until 1800 UTC tomorrow, please try to treat this as a hard deadline.

You may use the Google Summer of Code 2020 Weekly Feedback thread, but you should have a decent idea of whether or not you will pass your students. If you have any concerns about your student’s progress, feel free to contact me anytime.

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Thank you to all of you for doing this in a timely manner!!!