Final GSoC 2018 Students' Mentor Evaluations/Code submission due 14 August at 1600 UTC


Per the GSoC 2018 Timeline, the window period to submit mentor evaluations has opened. Sign into your Summer of Code Dashbord to complete your evaluation as soon as humanly possible.

The questions can be found here. You have until 14 August at 1600 UTC to complete this. This one is important as you are submitting the final work product. Please have them completed no later than 1600 UTC on 12 August, if you do not have them done by this time, expect gentle prodding.

If you have not done so already, please read the post from 14 August. No more work should be done on your project aside from fixing bugs and cleaning up code. By the time you submit your final eval, that is the firm pencils down, meaning whatever state your code is in when you submit it to Google, that is it.

So you have questions??

Can I continue working on it outside of GSoC?

Yup, you can! Just beyond that, it’s no longer under the structure of Google Summer of Code. We hope you stick around, you’re amazing students and it was a pleasure working with you!

Mentors: There is a separate post upcoming in approximately one week. Please work with your students to ensure they have everything ready to be submitted to Google. Great work!

Any questions can be directed to your mentors or the GSoC admins: @sunbiz, @judywawira, or @tony


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