GSoC 2017: Pencils down

All @gsoc2017students should now be done coding now. Hopefully, you met your milestones! Great work all!

What do this mean? Can I still work?

The only thing you should be doing for the next week is doing extensive end-to-end testing and ensuring you have adequate test coverage. You should be writing documentation now as well.

Preparing your code sample for Google

You should also work on getting your code to a state where you can submit it to Google. You should ensure that you understand the guidelines set by Google. You should work with your mentors on this.

Though this is only a suggested pencils down – we are making it a firm one. You can still fix bugs but you must have your final work product submitted by 29 August at 1600 UTC. You should have this done by 21 August at 1600 UTC – since we are stopping work a week prior, this should be possible.

Note: You CANNOT modify your submission once you make it, so make sure you submit your best work!

If you have any questions at all, you may ask any of your GSoC admins: myself, @downey, or @sunbiz. Once again, great job, we are very proud of you!

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Just a follow up congrats to all the students this year. As a new org with us, you are all pioneers, and we’re very impressed with your work ethic and skills. Hooray!

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