1st sprint summary - HTuck / Tutorial Vids

Summary attached. 1stSprintSummary-HTuck.odt (22.0 KB)


Kudos for using an Open/non-proprietary format :tada:

Amen, Man! And of course Office will read it because MS is COMMITTED to using Open standards…

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Addendum: summary of the Summary: The first vid I can fix up and post tomorrow. 2nd is done. Third vid I have to re-write the script around the code changes that have actually happened. I can have the 3d vid done next week.

Third video is uploading to YouTube as I write this; should be there momentarily. I gave this one a rather larger display that I hope to make the new standard. Please let me know how it looks.

LibreHealthEHR’s Calendar and Flowboard

And here’s the revised Sprint 1 summary with all videos completed and posted to YouTube.

1stSprintSummary-Revised-HTuck.odt (18.9 KB)

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