What are the current needs to expand the education project?

Thanks @rhoyt and @yehster for leading the education project

I set up this topic to brainstorm on the current needs and milestones / plan for the education project here to help prioritize on work that needs to get done

From what i remembered there was a discussion on

  1. Funding and charging costs
  2. Barrier of accessing SQL through phypMyAdmin

Report and forms generator GSoC project would be a big plus.

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This is what I was trying to say was the right idea over phpmyadmin

But this does not allow the ability to change or correct the actual tables.

@judywawira @tony @r0bby @yehster

Every month I have asked what is the plan moving forward for the educational project. The only answer I have gotten is MI squared is willing to host LibreHealth EHR with NHANES data at $150/month/university. There has been no other input from the Steering Committee, other than it sounds like phpmyadmin is off the table.

I have personally paid @yehster to create more enhancements to the software and then I thought we might advertise it. I am awaiting word from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation regarding a grant, but have not heard back yet. I also contacted Pearson Publishing to see if they would like to be a “partner”, using the EHR to supplement the textbooks and courses they offer on their LMS

I think If the Infra structure team would allow adminer and implement it it would help with the actual mining of the data. I feel that we have been hand cuffed by their stance on phpmyadmin.

Adminer might be a selling point if we can promote LibreHealth EHR with NHANES data for data science exercises

@rhoyt let me go on record that I am ok with 150 usd … the model really needs to be that anyone who wants to host the service can do it

@downey can you advice what this means from the conservancy … in any case I think MI under @tony would be the best hosting service

@r0bby May have suggestions but as of this moment we can agree that 150 usd is acceptable

If anyone has an issue they can raise it up… decision inertia will kill us

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@rhoyt On a different question do you think we could extend this to involve teaching imaging informatics ? Who would be Potential partners in such an endeavor ?

$150/mo would cover expenses if we go over(if we ever need to spin up another server) – Currently I’m hosting the site using the EHR demo server.


If we linked to a PACS system it would be doable. In my judgment, the pool of people involved with imaging informatics training is probably pretty small, compared to e.g. Public Health or Nursing Informatics

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@rhoyt – we have a PACS server setup running orthanc currently


Is the PACS server already populated with images? If so how many and where did they come from

Currently, not yet – but it’s up – I don’t know what the state of it is right now.

@judywawira, The question of what any activities ecosystem partners want to take on to serve the community don’t really have a bearing on Conservancy as a fiscal sponsor. The only possible way I could see this being a problem is if somehow the legal entity centrally were to get into some related business such as SaaS.

Currently the only role of Conservancy (and as such the project & @lsc itself) is tending to the development of the software projects – nothing more.

If that is something seriously being discussed, then yes, Conservancy would have to review & approve such a proposal. But if such activities are going to be taken on by one (or ideally, some day, many) partners, then there’s no review or intervention needed AFAICT.

Hope this helps and is the question you were getting at from me. If not please clarify. :slight_smile:


We are working on this and then will come from the cancer imaging archive @rhoyt did you have suggestions for other sources ?


Please look at the Dartmouth Library and see if any of the image databases would be useful for imaging informatics

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I agree with this, in general and as a good citizen any tools I create to help with this process would become part of the project itself.

@tony – if we are doing this – one thing that would be SUPER useful is scripts to migrate the database – so I can just execute them on the server.

I’m working on scripts for command line setup and migration as we e-speak.

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