Use of Django in Libre Health Projects for Gsoc 2021

Hello, everyone. I am a second year college student just starting out in the open source world. I heard about Libre health from my seniors who had participated in Gsoc earlier, and i checked out the gsoc archives to have a look at previous projects and saw that Django is used as one of the frameworks in the organization. I have been learning django for about an year now and have been working on quite a few personal projects.

Can someone please guide me to the projects which will be made on django framework, and also how do i progress if i wish to be a part of the organization for gsoc21.

Thank you very much I am excited to contribute in open source

Thanks for your interest in contributing to LibreHealth. Our community is highly dependent on an incoming stream of contributors. However, it is also important that we have long-term contributors and not just those that come for the summer.

In my opinion, it is unlikely we will use Django for any projects this summer. We do not have enough people who use Django and building something on the side that’s not integrated with the existing codebase is wasteful. I don’t speak for all the project maintainers, but this is my opinion and I wouldn’t like to see any lh-toolkit projects use it.