Update EHR/NHANES with new fixes

(Terry Hill) #1

@tony @aethelwulffe @yehster and @r0bby What will it take to update their version to the latest repo version so they will have the current fixes.

Educational Goals
(Art Eaton) #2

Not a server I have access to AFIK.

(Terry Hill) #3

I can’t update it and you can’t update that leaves @tony and @yehster. Do we work on this project?

(Robby O'Connor) #4

Just ask me – I’ll probably get to it on Monday however. FYI:

(Robby O'Connor) #5

This has been completed. You might want to consider gitignoring your sqlconf file – or using dotenv to store actual values. The composer files also cause the repo to become dirty – meaning I have to stash changes before doing anything – this isn’t good. FYI

(Art Eaton) #6

The config file is not actually “configured” and is necessary at the moment for the installer, but the composer crap spammed all over the place is useless and messy junk, like a lot of other junk that has been carelessly allowed to junk up the code base.

(Tony McCormick) #7

Two things: 1 the sqlconf.php and other “configuration” files should, in fact be generated by the setup (no template needed) and .gitignored

Long term the most of ‘sites’ directory (or any dir that gets written to with a need for persistence) should NOT be part of the repo. If we ever want to containerize this we have to have clean separation for the parts.

  1. Application Code
  2. Configuration setting
  3. Database
  4. Persistent Storage (uploaded Docs, local templates, site menu changes, etc)
  5. Add-on Modules

You should be able to delete/replace #1 and #5 at anytime with a new container/codeset with out effecting the installation.

(Art Eaton) #8

Yes. Let us try this experiment! We will call it…“The Common Sense Release”!