There will not be any LibreHealth EHR Projects for GSoC 2019

Due to a shortage of LibreHealth EHR mentors, I do not think we can match EHR students to qualified mentors for this year. Unless a mentor steps up, and something changes, I have made an official decision to not have any EHR Google Summer of Code projects this year.

We apologize to students who may be interested.

Am guessing it’s time for contributors like myself to step up so we can become mentors D:.

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I need more of a track record, yeah. Not this year, maybe next. If you have the javascript chops, there are javascript projects.

No problems @r0bby, I will up my game.

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@prondubuisi did you have any project idea for EHR this year or planning to do GSoC? You can submit a proposal and I will see

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I just didn’t put any up – but I am willing to entertain one if you propose it, so long as @muarachmann is primary mentor on it. i can backup…but I’m not going to be of any use if @muarachmann goes missing during the summer