Second (Phase 2) GSoC 2018 Evaluations due 13 July at 1600 UTC

Per the GSoC 2018 Timeline, the window period to submit student/mentor evaluations has opened. Sign into your Summer of Code Dashbord to complete your evaluation as soon as humanly possible.

The questions can be found here. You have until 13 July at 1600 UTC to complete this. Both students and mentors are required to complete evaluations. Please have them completed no later than 1600 UTC on 11 July, if you do not have them done by this time, expect gentle prodding.

Students: You are required to complete these, please do so. I will pester you if you do not.

Mentors: You too are required to do it, and the consequences if you fail to do so, it affects the organization as a whole. Please complete them, if you are unable to, have a backup or ping @sunbiz, @judywawira , or @tony with what you’d like them to say and we will do it on your behalf.

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