Radiology Procedure Ordering

Abstract Ordering a procedure in the clinical setting requires specificity which is based on the observation of the clinician. In this project, we intend to build a framework for a clinician charged with the task of ordering a radiology procedure to easily pace an order that would be easily understood by the technologist carrying out the procedure and the Radiologist Reporting on it. Most of the current ordering process are based on architecture that accommodate too many steps to complete an order. What we intend to achieve in this project is to develop a module for an ordering process that would give the user the opportunity to provide complete information about a procedure to be ordered with a few clicks of the Mouse. Intended Users Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Project Developer@teleivo Project Managers@judywawira@sunbiz

Objectives • Provide an interface for order entry by the user. • provide a clinically relevant format for the particular type of exam e.g. Mammogram, Ultrasound. • Provide ways to use constrained descriptive terms to be easily understood by technologist and Radiologists E.g. W/O Contrast • Provide a functionality to edit order already placed • Provide an interface for order review after reporting activities has been conducted on it. • CPT code integration to ensure proper billing. • Ensure secured data exchange in accordance with privacy protection regulations and also to comply with standards such as ICD Requirements • Good Java skills • Familiarity with J2EE web programming (e.g., JSPs) • Familiarity with Spring Framework •

Resources Watch this video that describes the workflow of radiology

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Please contain all questions about this project to this thread.


I’m the MTech student of IIT Bombay. I like this project idea as in past I worked in application development in Heathcare sector. While going through the references of this project and I was bit confused. Do we have to work on OpenRMS for fulfilling the current objectives or it’s a different application? Should we have to develop new application “Radiology Procedure Ordering” from scratch?

Regards, Khursheed Ali. MTech, IIT Bombay India

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LIbreHealth Toolkit is a fork of OpenMRS. Hence why OpenMRS is referenced. You’d be working against LIbreHealth Toolkit, not OpenMRS.

I cannot answer the rest though, @judywawira would be able to answer better.

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This project will involve implementing FHIR based workflow for Modality worklist generation… I would encourage you to get familiar with FHIR and start brainstorming and asking questions on this on this thread

See this resource ::

You will be extending the LH-Radiology product

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I am Acha Bill, 4th year Software engineering from the University of Buea, Cameroon. I am very interested in IT in healthcare and have been making myself useful in this community to foster its mission.

Looking at the work that has already been done on RadiologyOrder, do we have to re-implement the classes to FHIR specifications (ProcedureRequest)? Is it ok to use an API like HAPI-FHIR?

I’m also thinking we need to incorporate a small form for each modality that will vividly describe the procedure to be carried out by the radiologist or technologist. That is, check boxes or similar for specificities of the procedure.

E.g for Ultrasound;

  • Abdominal?
  • Renal?
  • Scrotal?
  • etc.

For CT;

  • Abdomen W W/O W/WO?
  • Pelvis?
  • etc.

The selected specifications will be discussed.

I’m working on some mockups for the UI which I will post soon.

org.openmrs.module.radiology.order.RadiologyOrder is a stripped down version of FHIR’s DiagnosticOrder with lacking properties like actor ( , bodysite (DiagnosticOrder.item.bodySite), etc…

If we create forms with fields of DiagnosticOrder, we will strip the resulting object to a RadiologyOrder before saving. This is my current implementation of issue #13 for order creation.

new FHIR DiagnosticOrder -> show in form -> fill DiagnosticOrder -> strip down to RadiologyOrder -> save RadiologyOrder

Using mainly these parsing methods:

  • fromOpenMRSRadiologyOrder(RadiologyOrder) : DiagnosticOrder
  • toOpenMRSRadiologyOrder(DiagnosticOrder) : RadiologyOrder

Is this the way to approach this problem?

Should the current RadiologyOrder implementation be modified to match properties of FHIR DiagnosticOrder so there is no stripping down of relevant FHIR properties?