Project: Remove and replace html2pdf with a more up to date tool


(Terry Hill) #1


The system currently uses html2pdf to generate pdf reports . This needs to be migrated to a better model for printing the PDF documents. This could be an opensource project like MPDF or just changes to the code base to use native PHP calls .

Technical requirements

  1. Mysql
  2. PHP

Mentors: @tony @aethelwulffe @teryhill

(Art Eaton) #2

HTML2pdf as well as another tool I think.

This task suggestion is very closely related to issues with the patient record reports and export. The coding of the HTML output of those greatly affect the output quality of a PDF.

(Abhinav Singh) #3

I think the way pdf is formatted is very directly dependent on the way HTML is formatted . I have a plan to use PHP pdf tools to provide proper indentation and formatting to pdf generated.

(Abhinav Singh) #4

I think we should remove the dependency on HTML2pdf and work with PHP built in tools

(Terry Hill) #5

One of the things that should be added is Patient Identifiers on each printed page. The ability to “turn these on or off”. Consistent reports that look good as a PDF.

(Terry Hill) #6

Yes that would be Ideal

(Abhinav Singh) #7

Sir can you please send the detailed know hows of this project on my email so that I could understand it well and work on the format of pdf. That would be helpfull :slight_smile:

(Terry Hill) #8

All conversations needs to be public here on the forums or on Github.

It is up to the GSoC participant to formulate the proposal based on the project. You will choose the tools, and out line a time line and scope of work.

(Abhinav Singh) #9

Could you please upload the sample of generated pdf, that would be very helpful if its possible

(Terry Hill) #10

Have you loaded the code to your local system?

report (2).pdf (16.5 KB)

(Abhinav Singh) #11

Yes I just did it, now I am a look at the code base, this will be perfect

(Abhinav Singh) #12

Thank you for the pdf :slight_smile:

(Terry Hill) #13

You will need to setup the software and add some fictitious data so you can test your changes.

(Abhinav Singh) #14

Yes and I also looked at the pdf I think it just need some better formatting , what do you say sir ?

(Terry Hill) #15

All instances where the data is presented to the customer as a report needs to be consistent and made to look nice.

(Art Eaton) #16

@Abhinav Completely correct on the HTML being the primary factor. Also correct on being the best way to get quality results.

(Abhinav Singh) #17

Thank you sir and I am just viewing the code base presently.

(Abhinav Singh) #18

I also found that when we click on Download Pdf button nothing happens.

(Terry Hill) #19

Look for the error in the php error log. That was fixed but may not be in the code base yet.

(Abhinav Singh) #20

Thank You I will have a look.