Project: Integrate MIMIC data into the lh-EHR data model

The LibreHealth EHR is a great resource for training informaticians in a real-world patient workflow and documentation system. LibreHealth EHR is a free and open-source electronic health records and medical practice management application. The mission of LibreHealth is to help provide high-quality medical care to all people, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or geographic location, by providing medical practices and clinics across the globe access to free-of-charge medical software. That same software is designed to save clinics both time and money, which gives practitioners more time to spend with individual patients, thereby supplying patients with higher-quality care.

Project description:
With many new enhancements under the hood and whole new MVC architecture using Laravel, the LibreHealth EHR is moving to cutting-edge architecture using the PHP web framework. The goal of the project is to integrate data from MIMIC-IV into the platform, so that informaticians (clinicians, developers, and data scientists) can use real-world clinical data to learn about the challenges of documentation and decision-making systems with the EHR. MIMIC is the largest and most widely-used, freely available deidentified patient records for training, datathons, and research. Being able to integrate the MIMIC CSVs (hosp, icu) into the LibreHealth EHR data model is complex and tedious. lh-EHR has C-CDA import process, which may be one approach to importing this data. ETL SQL queries could be another way. Using the PHP API might be another way. The project will apply one of the above-mentioned or another approach to integrate the full MIMIC-IV dataset into the LibreHealth EHR.

Preliminary tasks:

  1. Fix at least 2 issues in the 160+ open issues in the repo.
  2. Create an ERD for lh-EHR and deploy in an easy, accessible way.

Skills required:

  1. SQL and MariaDB/MySQL to import data (critical skills)
  2. PHP and importing data from CSV (required skills)
  3. Laravel and PHP web framework (good to have)

@muarachmann and @ReginaMerine


I am Simrann, a postgraduate student in CS and AI from IIITD. I am very keen on contributing to this project as a GSoC 2023 student. I am quite intrigued by this idea and want some guidance from the mentors to proceed further on this @ReginaMerine @muarachmann

Thanks in Advance!


Hey, Iā€™m Abhishek, a cs undergraduate and I have contributed to LibreHealth in the past during GCI 2017-19 and I am really interested in working on the app with PHP and SQL and I would love to get in touch with the mentors for more guidance.

Thanks @muarachmann @ReginaMerine

Hi @simrann20 @Abhishek_AB and welcome to LH and sorry on the late reply. We are thrilled to have you here. Please make sure to do the preliminary tasks cited here above. If you have any issues let us know down below here or in the chat


I am Jordan Lontsi, a software developer and postgraduate student in cs.

I look forward to contributing to this project and meeting the members of this organization from whom I can learn more.