Project: Incorporate reporting workflow into Radiology

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@judywawira @ivange94 Will like to share this link to my editable project proposal. Been going through past Gsoc projects of Radiology report enhancement and Implementing Reporting workflow reports and will have to refine my project proposal with the most essential milestones i’ll have to cover. Will like that you comment on the proposal so i may figure out the necessary things to cover

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You should post your weekly blog posts to this topic as well.

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Hi @ivange94 Wanted to remind you to comment or edit my original proposal. I’m trying to run the new radiology openweb app to see the present workflow and it’s design to come out with an updated wireframe with a similar design and intended workflow of what is to be implemented.

In preparation of doing the Wireframe on the workflow, . I’m setting up to run new radiology owa with aim of checking to what extent these tasks of last year which @judywawira specified have been implemented; whether the voice dictation has been incorporated, the saving of templates and report saving has been implemented. All these is with aim of chronologically arranging my tasks.

Sorry i delayed doing this, wanted to get done with my Final year B.Tech project so as to have more time during the second phase of coding. I’m done and this Gsoc project is all that is. :slightly_smiling_face:

My latest Blog post :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Roy, I like your post. I would just suggest in the future that you capitalize your “I” when speaking of yourself.

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Thanks for the correction. I’ll also work on my reported speech :sweat_smile:. This is the link to my new post

Good job. I just have a couple of suggestions:

Gsoc - I usually see it typed as GSoC

Under To Do

reads: Having asked done all those findings,

I think you should do one or the other: Having asked or Having done

reads: it should fall of the dictation list

I think it should fall off the dictation list

Under You May Like To Know somenerrors (?)

Otherwise it looks good.


Thanks for the correction :slightly_smiling_face:, i’m working on them.

Great. It’s why I’m on the Documentation side :blush: If you like, next time I can edit before you publish. I’d be happy to help.

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@judywawira @ivange94 My timeline and deliverables during this summer period

Will do any necessary modifications as I progress

@Echo2roy I would recommend to use Mozilla DeepSpeech instead of CMU sphinx

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Facebook’s Wav2letter is slightly better, but I agree DeepSpeech is more browser-friendly, in the sense that it uses TensorFlow that can be executed in the browser with tenflow.js

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