Project: Improving FHIR Analytics Using Apache Spark and Cassandra


(Prashadi) #1

Hi @sunbiz, @namratanehete, @r0bby,

During the last year GSoC we have built the base of the FHIR analytics module, now we can focus on integrating the module to the platform and improve the features of it.

The current Librehelath FHIR analytics module is powered by Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra and Cerner Bunsen modules with Spring framework. This module provide flexibility to analyze FHIR data which stored in the Cassandra Database. Module utilize the functionality provided by the Cerner Bunsen module with Spark SQL which provide convenient interface to query FHIR data using different parameters. Even this module allow users to join multiple FHIR resources and find relationships through Spark SQL query language.

The repository can be found here.


  • Integrate the FHIR analytics module with the platform

  • Upgrading Cerner Bunsen Module to get the latest functionality

  • Integrate with Apache Drill

  • Enhance query interface and incorporate with FHIR query builder


  • Non trivial contribution for Librehealth platform

  • Good understanding of Spring, FHIR, Cassandra and Spark SQL

  • Try out the module functionality

Extra Credit

  • Write a paper on the accomplished work during the project