Project: Help us Improve LibreHealth Toolkit Documentation

Attenton to detail is a hard requirement for this project. We listed all you need to know in the project description.

Hello, I am an Outreachy applicant and I would love to be part of this project.

See the message above yours.

Resized all screenshots in to 600px.

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Hi @Olena23 and @r0bby,

I think Dockers installation has issues with Win10 Home Edition. As per official documentation, it needs Win10 Enterprise or Education only (as it supports Hyper-V). Please confirm and let me know if there is any alternate way to install Dockers on Win 10 Home.

Thanks in advance !!

Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t have Win10 Home Edition to reproduce your issue. If your computer supports Oracle VM VirtualBox or other similar software, I suggest to install Linux INSIDE the VM and than install Docker on Linux (still inside the VM) as per Linux README.

This is covered in the Docker documentation. You need to use Docker Toolbox.

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Hi! I have created a Pull Request which makes the following changes:

  1. I have added docker installation instructions for Fedora and Ubuntu
  2. The new images have width <= 600 px
  3. I have grouped the images into directories based on the Operating Systems.

Hi, My name is Winnie Akello Okuta, i am an applicant for Outreachy and particularly interested in contributing to the LibreHealth toolkit documentation.I have been able to come up with some changes using a jupyter notebook but i’m not sure how to open a pull request, i’m totally new to Gitlab but i would like to make my first contribution.

@Winner, Welcome!

What? There is no Jupyter notebook. The changes are in markdown. That said we stated everything you need to do and how to contribute.

Hi! Here is the list of my merge requests (already merged) and a bug report (issue) that I completed for the project. I’m going to a programming conference in two days and I won’t be able to change anything any more. I want to thank the community for this wondefrul month. I liked the project because of its social value and I like the community so I’ll be back after my travel (no matter if I’m chosen or not) and continue helping you to improve it!


It was a pleasure meeting you. Enjoy the conference!

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@r0bby @KoniKodes I have submitted the following pull requests for my outreachy application.

Added: installation guide for mac OS

File structure clean up for lh toolkit

update docs for MacOS and clean up file for radiology-docker

Fix: Heading fix for ‘Using IntelliJ Idea’ in

Cleaning up the file structure in dev-guide issue in lh-toolkit

As a part of application I have to write the details and the timeline of the work I plan to accomplish on the project during my internship in librehealth. Please guide me with it as I can only submit my final application after answering this.

Hi, You have accomplished a lot while you were here. Thank you so much! The timeline is an open end question on what you would like to accomplish if you are chosen as an intern.

You may speak about the project itself, what you hope to learn from the mentors, what you hope to gain by working with specific tools and languages, and the final goal of the entire internship.

I hope this helps.

Hello! During the month I was associated with LibreHealth, I ventured into a world I haven’t explored before. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and would continue to cherish everything that I’ve learnt in the past month. Working with this project reminded me of my own project and how much my goals resonated with LibreHealth community. I cannot thank enough all the community members who helped me when I was stuck and gave their feedback to improve my work. I hope to continue working and stay involved with the project!

Please find below the list of my contributions as merge requests as well as issue reported submitted:

Thank you for a wonderful month!

Best wishes! P.S. Sorry for the weird formatting. It’s not allowing me to post more than two links.

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It was nice to work with you.

Thank you for all your hard work!

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