Project: FHIR and C-CDA export from LibreHealth Toolkit

The LH Toolkit LibreHealth Toolkit is a software API and user interface component that can be used to create electronic health record systems. A number of projects use lh-toolkit as a framework to store data and import/export data for interoperability testing and compliance.

Project description:
This project is to implement FHIR bulk data export endpoint into the Web API, so that data within the lh-toolkit can be exported as ndjson files. This can be implemented by integrating the HAPI-FHIR or other approaches within the Toolkit’s Spring Java Framework architecture. The maven integration to integrate HAPI-FHIR is straightforward, and that would enable using its bulk export and FHIR R4 implementation into the Toolkit project.

Preliminary tasks:

  1. Create NDJSON export from the Synthea project for testing/validation.
  2. Create C-CDA export from the Synthea project for testing/validation.

Skills required:

  1. Java Spring web framework (critical skill)
  2. FHIR and REST Web Services (required skill)
  3. Maven and Gradle (good to have)

@namratanehete and @sunbiz

Hi, I want to work on this project in the summer of 2023. Could you please give me some advice about how to get started?

Hi, I have finished the Preliminary tasks, I get the result file in the output folder and it looks good. could you please give me what can I do next?

One work that has been done in the past, that you can try and replicate is to integrate the HAPI FHIR as a module into the toolkit. You can look at a few different approaches that have been tried.

You can put your repo link in the project application
@namratanehete anything else that you’d suggest?