Project: Enhancements to the ECEB App Based on User Study

@akashsri3, This is where all of your communications will happen. Use this thread for all communications.

Congratulations from all of us at LibreHealth!

You may use the Jitsi room below for video chat. I count the fact that it’s linked as it being public.

Sure , We Can Keep a meeting regarding some in-depth discussion of the project

Hello @sunbiz @shbucher can we keep a meeting needed to discuss things regarding the project !

@sunbiz @shbucher When Can We Keep a meet regarding project discussion

Hello Akash! Welcome to GSoC! @sunbiz and I are very excited that you are working on the ECEB project. We had considered setting up regular meetings/calls at 10 EST/7:30 pm IST on Wednesdays. Does this work for your schedule? Best, Dr. Bucher

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Yes That Would Be Fine By Me !

Ok @akashsri3, thanks! We will start team GSoC meetings next week. Today, @sunbiz and I meet separately to finalize Summer planning. Later today EST, we will put more information here. Thanks to you and @DoniaEsawi @Mehul-Kumar-27 for your patience. Myself and @sunbiz just finished up the academic year in the US, and both of us graduated several students. It has been very, very busy.

Recap – no meetings today for GSoC mentees. More information will be posted in this forum later today. Stay tuned!

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Sure ! Congratulation On The Hard Work You All Are Putting . I will stay active for upcoming information

@shbucher @sunbiz when can we finalize plan and discuss ?

@akashsri3 You will meet with @sunbiz this Wednesday at 10am EST via a public zoom link to discuss the project. Please prepare around a 10 minute demo of your suggested design improvements, based on your application. Also be sure to have pulled and read prior ECEB publications. If you cannot access them, please request them from @sunbiz. I am currently out-of-the- office on a work trip.

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Okay @shbucher Thank You!

@r0bby Including My Weekly Blogs here as required Exploring the Exciting World of LibreHealth: Coding Week 2

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Excellent blog post, @akashsri3 . Well done!

Thank You @shbucher !

Coding Week 3 Blog Post For Project ECEB

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@akashsri3 @Mehul-Kumar-27 @DoniaEsawi – Myself and @sunbiz are really eager to meet with you tomorrow, via the public Zoom link, to learn about progress on the ECEB and NeoRoo app development projects! Prof @sunbiz will start the call, and I will join a bit later, due to an overlapping appointment. Talk to you at 10 am EST on 28 June 2023!


Looking Forward for that !