Project: Develop an Android mobile application to show patient friendly costs of care

Link to Week 12 Blog

@mua_rachmann @r0bby @sunbiz @judywawira

I want to discuss two thing

  • @mua_rachmann I have scheduled pipeline to run on 21st of every month at 12:00PM UTC, you may change it if you want it to run weekly or some other day. Here
  • What to do about “report a bug” feature or App? Should I remove that?
  • What will be the App Icon?

Is this good for App Icon??


Or we have to use LH logo??


Or Anything else like this?


@Darshpreet2000 I am trying to clone the repo and its still heavy… did merging do something. Can you verify on your end?

I recently merged another branch to it , So maybe because of that you are facing it at that moment

trying cloning it now , it is now only 5 MB

@mua_rachmann Let me know if there is any issue in app

okay let me try and get back to you. As for the app I run into this

Xcode's output:
    note: Using new build system
    note: Building targets in parallel
    note: Planning build
    note: Constructing build description
    error: An attribute in the provided entity has invalid value: The attribute 'name' is invalid: 'XC com LibreHealth cost_of_care' (in
    target 'Runner' from project 'Runner')
    error: No profiles for 'com.LibreHealth.cost_of_care' were found: Xcode couldn't find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles
    matching 'com.LibreHealth.cost_of_care'. (in target 'Runner' from project 'Runner')

I guess it should be the package naming verify the CFBundleName also my geolocation wasn’t working in the #19 hope it does now.

@mua_rachmann Is the app not building?

I have changed package name to com.LibreHealth.cost_of_care

I have tested location package on both IOS & android. I Hope it will work.

Check this CFBundleName

Link to GSoC Final Report

@mua_rachmann @r0bby @sunbiz @judywawira

Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve it. I have added links to all MR and added screenshots

Also, @mua_rachmann

Is the app building now? I have changed package name for IOS yesterday

@mua_rachmann For Report a bug feature- I have created a google account with email, users can report bugs by clicking “report a bug” from navigation drawer & it will open gmail app to send mail to

I will handle the bugs then & will make improvement to App

Do let me know if you have any suggestions on this.

Please also please post this to your blog and link to this in your final weekly report that you will be responsible for.

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Blog Containing Final Report, But I will submit Github Gist link in Final Evaluation.

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@Darshpreet2000 -

I have fixed it, Google updated it chrome browser to version 85,

For chromedriver to work with chrome browser both version must be same.

So, I simply used version 85 of chromedriver

Okay thanks for the heads up, I will run another. Can you also tell me why the second pipeline failed something like data already published…

I have fixed this & send a MR to both the Repo

Error was fatal: remote publisher already exists.

So I changed git remote add publisher


git remote set url origin

because when publisher variable is added in Gitlab runner it stays there during next few hours & when pipeline is run again it shows error fatal: remote publisher already exists.

So instead of adding that variable , I changed the origin variable url & it is working correctly now.

Thanks for spotting this

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Yay!, @Darshpreet2000 this is the expected result - Just trimmed the urls to a few and only Alaska, works like charm. Perfecto!

Nice Job.

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Thankyou @mua_rachmann

Kindly let me know if I need to change anything in project abstract or title here because I have modified abstract a little bit.

@r0bby @sunbiz @judywawira

I don’t think you need to change anything.

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Thank you @mua_rachmann @r0bby @sunbiz @judywawira for passing me in GSoC, you all are great mentors. This was all possible because of your guidance & time you invested with me during this program.

I am very much thankful to @mua_rachmann for guiding me very closely during the program. I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for believing in me. You have been an excellent mentor and a great inspiration for me.

I am very much excited to see the app on play store, I will discuss about building a release app after my MR is merged

Thanks to LibreHealth & Mentors for giving me this wonderful opportunity


@Darshpreet2000 it was a pleasure working with you. Actually I was worried at the beginning cause your were so much pushy but it seemed you were all excited and anxious about GSoC as a whole. You earned it, so take time and enjoy the moment also don’t forget to keep building your skills and you are always welcomed to continue your contributions on any of our ongoing projects.

Regards, Mua

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Ping @r0bby, @sunbiz, @judywawira.

We have a few commit left to be merged for this project that I will be reviewing probably next week and doing some tests with @Darshpreet2000 whom I thank for willing to continue on this and help grow the community.

I wish to open discussion on the way forward for publishing the application to the playstore/app store should everything move smoothly or is there something else you would love to propose? If no, I will see how we can make an apk release before the month runs out. So that they can download the binary and install in their phones (android).


Hi @Darshpreet2000, I would be working on writing the evaluation report of this project. I was referred by Drs. Gichoya & Purkayastha to reach out to you for the further details on this app. So, would it be possible to schedule a short zoom call tomorrow to go over some of the details?

Let me know!

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