Project: AI Model Service Auto Selection by Modality

@rohan.isaac27 this is where all your communications will go.

Congratulations from all of us at LibreHealth!

You may use the Jitsi room below for video chat. I count the fact that it’s linked as it being public.

Hi Robby,


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@judywawira @sunbiz I am having an issue with my CPT approval from my University to proceed with GSoC. The only option right now is to ensure I get a letter or something in writing from the organization that says I would work an absolute minimum of 45 hours from August 21 to August 28 (both dates Inclusive). This will let me extend my CPT to August 28.

In my previous conversations in the chats with robbyoconnor it is not quiet sure if I may need 45 hours that week. Can you please add in?

@judywawira @sunbiz I would like to have a kick off meeting. We will also discuss,

  • about the project, how we would be going about it
  • changes to the proposal
  • brainstorm implementation ideas
  • come up with a communication plan
  • detailed project plan with milestones

Please let me know a time and date that works.

@judywawira @sunbiz Following up on my previous post. Let me know if there is a time that works.

I have added a jitsi room. You may use that and only that if you need to have a video call.

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@sunbiz @judywawira Looking forward to meeting with you. I am available during the weekends as well.