Practice Appointment Calendar for LibreHealth EHR

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I am Abdur Rehman Anwar, student of BS(CS) from Department of Computer Sciences, Bahria University, Islamabad Pakistan. I have good command in PHP, JAVASCRIPT AND MYSQL. I want to work with this project as a Google Summer Code internee 2017. Would you like to tell me that how do I start ?

To all:

Your proposal must contain a detailed plan of how you will complete the project, along with a timeline and milestones, e.g, features that MUST be completed in order for us to pass you. Otherwise, you get failed.

Also @abdurrahman there is no need to double-post.

@abdurrahman You can start by installing a local copy of LibreHealth EHR from github or the xampp package can be downloaded here

That XAMPP package did not get updated to the last build, and the prepared version itself is already out of date due to deployment issues. If you use that XAMPP package, replace the htdocs/libreehr directory with a download or pull from the LibreHealthEHR repository.

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Students: This is the only project for LibreHealth EHR

Hi, This is Anup Sunni Routray. I have got the whole source code of Librehealth EHR in my system. I followed all the steps and now everything is well set up in my pc.

I was getting Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’

wherever arrays were declared like $args= [“a”=>1, “b”=>2]; I modified it to $args= array(“a”=>1, “b”=>2) ;

Now everything is fine.

Sorry for joining a little late. I would like contribute to the code and work on this project. I am well acquainted with PHP/MySQL. I have not uploaded a proposal yet (but I intend to). I would first like to start working and understanding the code. Hence I need some tips to get started.


Hey Anup!

You should switch over to PHP 7 to avoid getting that error anywhere else :slight_smile:

OK, First, I need to apologize for a bit of mis-management. Apparently the LibreHealthEHR application proposals will be limited to the priority consideration, which is this Scheduling Calendar refactoring. Requests have been made to review proposals ahead of time by several candidates. Please, I encourage you all to submit a proposal on this project specifically. Furthermore, I request that you post the link to your proposal drafts here, or, if you do not want your proposal to be public while it is a work in progress, send a personal message to one or more of the project managers listed at the top of this thread. Upon receipt of the link or message(if sent to me), I will begin providing reviews immediately.

For any of you that have put extensive work into another proposal:

  • -Please, do not throw it away.  It is valuable to us, and it could be valuable to you.  It could be the key project document for another sponsored event, or even directly sponsored by someone requiring the work to be done.  You are all valuable players, and we would like you to continue with this project in the future.  There will be plenty of opportunities to get large projects funded in the future.
  •  -If, in your review of this project, you have determined that there are reasons why some other proposal should be considered as a prerequisite for the Calendar replacement, or that the scope of this proposal is too broad, please make the argument for this within your proposal text.  At LibreHealth, we believe in goal-oriented approaches.  We don't want you to simply hit each check-box on a work-list.  We want you to question whether the line items are valid at all.

References to the legacy module: Means variables and table/fields with names like pn_ referring to the postnuke calendar. Also comments in code that supply references to it, as well as documentation for developers and users. Yes, It is a good idea to start with, and recommend as a replacement some open-source (and light-weight if possible) scheduling feature that can be made to cover the current application’s uses. The quality and support of that project is important, but maintainability and applicability are the most important. Several open-source project starting points have been identified at this point, but I have not researched these myself. Please post on the EHR github repository, and request to be added to the team via the GSOC Coordination issue.


Hi , @aethelwulffe is it confirmed that Removal of Smarty Template Engine as a whole and UI Redevelopment would not be considered as a separate proposal? I was waiting for the review of my draft proposal.!:pensive:


Can you please explain “scheduling system should also act as a clinical decision control, automating scheduling tasks according to pre-set rules”? What it actually means?

Got that in documentation. No need. I must have looked at it before posting. I’m sorry.

Hi folks! I hope you don’t think I am ignoring any of the new proposition review requests. My mail system is organizing them nicely, and I should be able to do some reviews (much)later tonight. I will also be trying to do gap analysis between the proposals and other work for other reviewers to use in decision processes. Unfortunately, I have a huge reporting deadline for a large number of physicians due March 31st, and am handling a lot of support calls and tasks on that. The other EHR folks seem to somehow be even more buried than I am, but I am happy to put in the extra effort until they can free up more time.


PS: Just a reminder to students … mentors are able to ask for clarifications or adjustments in proposals after the submission deadline, during the selection window. That doesn’t mean you can just submit an empty document, of course, but it does mean that there may be additional questions about your proposal during the weeks after 3 April. :calendar:


Word of caution: I have had a chance to look at some proposals for other projects. On whole, I immediately notice one thing: The LibreHealth EHR proposals are (already) vastly superior to the other examples. This means two things:

  • You folks are the cream of the crop.
  • Competition is going to be much stiffer than you might have faced in another project.

I really appreciate the first point above, and I recognize that the second is a bit of a bummer. Ultimately a decision will have to be made on which project gets what and who. I just wish we had grant proposals out there to cover all of the top-notch work I have already seen, and all of the dynamic and ingenious goals you have conceived. Please, keep up the good work on getting these proposals refined as you see fit, and know that this community recognizes and appreciates your efforts in the larger open-source community, and specifically the quality of care contributions you are making to people’s lives everywhere. Thank you.


This is my project proposal. It is actually the first time for me in GSoC. Thank you for your time. Also, I see there are some troubles in Github, is it still necessary to pull code there?

@thaqibsm, you need to put far more effort into your proposal. This has no details as to HOW you will do it. The competition for that project is pretty stiff – so you need to put 110% into your proposal.

Also, lacking a code contritbution means we cannot select you.