Potential GSoC Student Meet & Greet

@judywawira Thanks for your kindness! I’ve been reading related materials to get familiar to the working flow. As for the programming language, I’m more skillful in python. But I also feel comfortable working in java. Though currently not so familiar with the Spring framework, I would love to make every effort to pick it up later.

And I will have enough time during the summer to finish the porject, 'cause I’ve finished most of the compulsory courses before.

Moreover, I’d love to contribute to writing user stories for the program. Though I truely expect to meet more technical challenges. Thanks again for being so nice to novice!

__ Best Regards, Mike Huang __


My name is Aditya Adhikary and I’m a second year Computer Science undergraduate at IIIT Delhi. I’m interested in working for the Radiology Reporting project. I have experience in Java, C, Python, C++ and a little Android. I saw the video describing the workflow of Radiology Reporting and found it quite fascinating. Please suggest any other material to start reading up on.

Also, I am unable to install the lh-radiology module. After “mvn clean package docker:build” step , it says “There are test failures”, and exits. Please suggest any further course of action.


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Hi!, I’m Sudha Chauhan, Sophomore at Indian Institute Of Technology , Patna. I have one year experience of developing web Applications. I have pretty good knowledge of HTML,CSS,JS, PHP and MySQL. I have a passion for developing tech stuff for the mankind.I would really like to contribute for Creating Web Components for Librehealth Toolkit. Can someone please guide me how to start? Thank you.

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I am Abdur Rehman Anwar, student of sixth semester of BS(CS) from Department of Computer Sciences, Bahria University, Islamabad Campus Pakistan. I have very good command in object oriented programming. I have worked on PHP, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT,HTML,CSS, BOOTSTRAP, C#, C++, JAVA, Shell Programming and SQL. I have interested to contribute in professional software development.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to say this but sadly I do: DO NOT SHARE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS THREAD!

HI, I’m George, 3rd year CS Undergrad from Department of Computer Science, IIT Guwahati, India. I’ve setup the build and currently getting familiarized with the code. I’m interested in integrating Cornerstone into LibreHealth. I’ve been reviewing the resources. I’ll come up with an action plan shortly.

Thanks, George.

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Hello, I am Harisu Fanyui a 3rd year computer engineering student from the university of Buea. I am interested in contributing to the LibreHealth community and in general by writing code to save lives.I am good and have acquired greate skills in C, MYSQL, PHP,JAVA, JavaScript,html5,css,Laravel,and bootstrap. I am very much eager to lean and put to use what i have learnt, I look forward to contributing and learning from LibreHealth. I also like to spent my free time participating in algorithmic competitive programming.

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I am Rajesh Kumar Sahu from Veer Surendra Sai University Of Technology,Burla,India. I am very much interested in contributing to libreHealth community. I have live project experience on the listed technologies under libreHealth gsoc such as java (made a Windows software) and web development (front and back end and design too ,I am a web developer). It would be great experience to work with you under GSoC . What are the prerequisites for applying?

Hello Everyone! I’m Zinoviy Zubko and I’m studying on the 3rd year at Kyiv National University, Computer Science department, Ukraine. Also I’m working as java backend developer, so I have a good knowlenge of Java Core, Java EE, Hibernate, Spring (IoC, MVC, Data, Boot, Security) and developers tools. I’m excited to contribute to this project. I think my skills would be useful.



l’m Acha Bill, 4th year computer engineering from the university of Buea, Cameroon. I like work involving IT in healthcare and have been contributing to this organization to foster the mission.

I am comfortable with Java and technologies around Java including Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Java EE. Hoping to have a nice time during this years summer of code.


Hi I’m Osho Jahdunsin. I’m in my 3rd Year in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-ife Nigeria studying Computer science with economics and i’ll like to contribute to the organisation. I write python, php, javascript and i know a bunch about web design.

Hi everyone, I’m Siva Addepally, I have Pharm.D degree from India and currently pursuing Masters in Health Informatics from IUPUI. I’m interested in developing web applications and also would love to contribute to this organization. I have worked on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and MySQL. I’m passionate in developing applications which impact society.

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Hi, everyone,

I’m Kiki Wang from China and I’m currently doing my master degree in computer Science at USC.

I’m interested in health related topics, and really hope my skills would help people have better lives.

Hope I could make contributions to the project.


Hello everyone,

I am Sharan Girdhani, currently enrolled in a Masters Program at UNC Charlotte, USA. I have 2+ years of work experience in full stack web development using technologies like PHP, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Python, CSS & HTML. I have also worked on Yii & CodeIgniter frameworks in PHP.

I would like to contribute here. Kindly let me know the process further.

Regards, Sharan

Hi I am Navendu Gupta currently pursuing my Bachelor of Technology in Software engineering from Delhi Technological University (India) I have good knowledge of PHP,MySQL and Javascript . I want to work on this project as an intern in Google Summer Of Code. Would you please tell me where to start after installing the whole setup?


1, Stop using shorthand, it makes you look bad. Also stop using all caps for India.
2. Write a proposal and start doing research

@navendu29 Look backwards in this thread and you will see my comments on how to get started.

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I’m Natalie Wiegand and I’m a freshman majoring in Computer Science in the School of Engineering & Applied Science at UPenn. I studied Computer Science in highschool and wrote the majority of projects I worked on in Java but wrote an iOS game app similar to Flappy Bird in Objective-C as well. Last semester, I used Java and OCaml in my projects and this semester I have been learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and participated in my first hackathon and will be at HackNY in the coming weeks!

I would love to help contribute to LibreHealth!

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I’m Chris Cutler and I’m currently a Senior in Neuroscience at Brigham Young University. I am working on a minor in Computer Science where I have written projects in C++ and Java as well as SQLite, HTML, CSS, and node.js. I’m working on learning React and React Native too! Combining Neuroscience and CS has allowed me to work closely with Radiology and the DICOM format in various research projects as well as performing volumetric analyses of MRI scans using open source pipelines for Neuroimaging. It would be awesome to integrate some of those pipelines into the services that LibreHealth offers! Contributing to LibreHealth would be fantastic as I can leverage my experience of using DICOM viewers and Radiology to help the project as well as being able to code. I can’t wait to help!!

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Thank you for your suggestions. I will take care in future.