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Hello everyone I am Arpan Desai. I am a pre-final year student at NIT Nagpur. I have a good knowledge Javascript, Python and MERN Stack. Previously I’ve contributed as bug reporting and solved some beginner issues in small projects. I would like to contribute to community. Thank You

Hi, My name is Salisu Ali, I am a 5th year medical student at Bayero University Kano, Nigeria. I have 2 years working experience on opensource project in the area of Mainframe. I love doing some telehealth projects on my own, especially those involving IoT. I will really love to get to work on a project related to the field of medicine. I noticed your idea proposals are not finalized at the moment( sorry if I’m wrong). Please if possible, guide me to stay on the loop in order to try my luck securing an internship with LibreHealth. Your guidance will be highly appreciated. Thanks alot!

Hii, my name is surya prakash ,i am a 3rd year graduate student at galgotias university,india. i have worked on different convulational neural network projects using Tensorflow . i have knowledge of different optimizations algorithm like Adam , Rmsprop ,momentum gradient Descent and stochastic gradient descent where i have used activations functions like Relu, tanh, sigmoid in object classification project .
i always like to contribute to the projects which are related to healthcare sector and will be more than happy to work with you all

I am Vibhor Jain, a sophomore studying at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) as an undergraduate student. I have worked on multiple deep learning projects revolving around CNNs, RNNs and transfer learning for making GANs. My interest in this field owes to its complexity and impact on the world. The idea of trying to understand something so out of the box got me to work on DL in the first place and then upon seeing its impacts in cancer research and genetic sciences really cemented my interest in this field. I am moderately versed in this field. I have read through books like IAN GOODFELLOW DEEP LEARNING and done multiple courses regarding the same in and out of my college learning. I would be extremely interested in working for the community as i see an opportunity to make a real world impact from my end, it would be a great milestone for me on a very personal level. Hoping to stay in touch and be part of something big.

First of all welcome to the people who have posted to this thread. Everything you need to get started is already posted on the forums under #gsoc2022-project with the prefix of README:.

You are being evaluated in a number of ways, one of those is being able to consume resources both LibreHealth and Google puts out. This is why we are not going to guide you. Everything you need to get started is there.

I personally have put a lot of effort into curating the resources so please read them.

Hello. My name is Raniere Silva and I’m a PhD candidate at the City University of Hong Kong. My PhD project is related with machine learning and radiograph.

I discovered this project years ago when talking with @downey and @judywawira during the Google Summer of Code Summit and the Sustain OSS.

I’m looking for ways to make my PhD more useful than some dead trees in the library. :smiley:

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@raniere.silva I recommend working together on the following repos where we are working on ML projects:

  1. The LH-Radiology AI Model Service (which is linked closely with the OHIF viewer that’s packaged with the lh-radiology module)

  2. The VR training app project, which we have just started and you can contribute to in the discussions.

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