Meet the community: Introduce yourself here!

Hello and welcome. As @r0bby pointed out in a previous chat, we are still wrapping up GSoC 2019, and not yet prepared for 2020.

I have your information and will pass it on to the GSoC 2020 team when that time arrives.

In the meantime, as were told by @mua_rachmann: "You might want to start here. so you have a glimpse of what we are into. When that is done choose one you feel comfortable with and begin contributions. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or at our chats here :slightly_smiling_face: "


Thank you for guiding me! I will have a glimpse and begin my contributions from now… And will ask

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Hi everyone,

I am Awah Nadege Tayebatu, a geologist with some skills in software development. I am happy to be here. I hope to learn a lot from this awesome community which will help me make contributions which will drive the community forward. Cheers!!!

Hi @tybanash, nice to meet you and glad to know your interest in LH, our community is a diverse with projects mainly in Java, html, css , js & php. As good start, you might want to visit this link here and also you are welcomed to ask any questions around here or in our chat.

Thank you will get on that right away.

Hello everyone, My name is Manik Gupta. I’m Google Certified Associate Android Developer, Flutter Developer and a Tech Blogger. I am new to this community, can someone guide how to proceed further. I want to contribute in this community.

Welcome to LibreHealth, What skills do you have?

We have three projects: 1 LAMP and 2 Java.

  1. is PHP
  2. is Java Spring MVC
  3. is also Java Spring MVC and a customized version of LibreHealth Toolkit

Hello, my name is Harsha. I am currently completing my 2nd year at SRM University in India. My interests are Deep learning, IoT and frontend development. I use PyTorch and fastai for deep learning. Previously I have worked on using AI for diagnosing ILD’s with my professor presently working on deep learning using audio. Looking forward to contribute

Hi all,

My name is Pushpak Chhajed. I’m currently completing a third-year bachelors in IT in Mumbai University. My interests are web and app development.I use PHP, Laravel, Javascript. Looking forward to contributing to the Librehealth community.

Thank you

Hi @pushpak1300 welcome to LibreaHealth (LH) You might want to have a look at our LAMP project EHR - as it best matches your skill set.

  • Have it up and running on local instance
  • Solve some basic issues on our issue tracker - here
  • Get stucked? don’t hesitate to reach out here or our chat preferably here

Looking forward to seeing you around :slight_smile: , Alternatively we have other projects you might want to have a look which are much more Java based. Pull folks, classmates here if these matches their skill set -


Hi @HarshaSatyavardhan and welcome, you might want to look at this thread on how/where to get started. Just to clarify our projects are primarily java & php based with flavours from angular, web components , JS etc. More can be found here Once you have identified which project you are interested in, please get back to us on our chat and we will help you further. Looking forward to seeing you around.

Cheers, Mua :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reply! Looking forward to contribute !

Hi all,

My name is Sourabh S Badhya. I’m currently in my 3rd year of bachelors pursuing Computer Science degree in RV College of Engineering. My interests include backend development and web development. I use Spring MVC, JSP for backend development. Previously I have worked in an organisation managing restaurant-based backend applications built on Spring MVC. Looking forward to contribute to Librehealth community.

Thank you

Hi @SourabhBadhya, Welcome to LH, you can join our chat to meet other folks and ask specific questions about what projects we are currently working on or what we often do. You might want to have a look at our toolkit and radiology projects here

I am Siddhant and a 3rd year student of B.Tech Computer Science at IIT Roorkee. I am fairly new in this area and looking forward to make useful contributions and learn a lot as well.

Hello everybody…Myself Pratik Ghule. I am currently doing my Msc in computer science at Pune University in India. I am topper of my class since my Bsc computer science. I have scored a out off marks in maths. I am 22 years and begin active with gsoc since 3 years. My interested technologies are C,Cpp,Java,php,,adv.php,android,web development,game development,and many more. I have done two internships so far. My first internship was in web development building websites in html ,css , javascript and php. My second intership was in game development at kidaura pvt ltd, I used to develop my own solo games as well as maintain the existing games in 2d and 3d . I used Unity3d game engine and C# programming.

I am quick learner and would love to work in with the organization in gsoc’20. I am very good a documentation and find it really cool. I am responsible and punctual.

I have made a offline chat application in java in my graduation. And a Documenation on Beer shop management in second year.

This year I have made a android app for my college to carry out its daily operations as well as to for the teachers and students . The app lets the teachers notify students about daily notices and assignments and can even mark for every submitted or not submitted assignments. These apps have ease their work. I have been in this group from a quiet time. And have always thought of to be a gsoc student ever. Thank you!

Hello all,

I am Meghana, an undergraduate 3rd year Computer Science and Engineering student in SASTRA University, Tamil Nadu, India. I am currently working on a research project in classification of epileptical seizures using Deep Learning techniques. I have a huge interest in Deep Learning and Machine Learning and have conducted hands-on workshops on the same. I am also a part of the Machine learning cluster of Developer Student Clubs by Google in our University. I have a decent experience working with tensorflow, keras, openCV. I am very much excited and looking forward to contribute to Librehealth community in GSOC '20.

Thank you.

Hello, My name is abhishek gupta and currently pursuing my in computer science and engineering in vellore institute of technology. this summer, I am looking forward to contribute in this google summer of code and want to learn new thing. I have knowledge of java ,python, HTML ,CSS, android application development ,web development and ready to learn new things. I hope mentor will give a chance to work with him. thank you

Hi guys this is shashank sirmour ,i am student of computer science and engineering department at KIIT bhubaneswar, india interested to being a part of community as a developer via GSOC 2020

Hi, I am Amaka a final year student of the university of Benin in Nigeria studying computer engineering. I am new to this community and quite nervous. I am focusing on everything that concerns python and I am OPEN to learning and COLLABORATING with everyone here.