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(mua laurent) #381

Welcome @besong23 like robby said. Have a look at the existing issues. There are currently many issues about 102 if i am not mistaken. Start off by solving one or two. If you have any issues you can join our chat here to pose your worries. First you should get the project(s) up and running before attempting to solve any issue :slightly_smiling_face: hope to see you around.

(Besong Ndip Tambe) #382

Thanks @mua_rachmann I am currently setting up the system and looking at the code base. Looking forward to working with you

(nkonda) #383

hi, my name is Randolph and I’m a 3rd year electrical engineering student. I am inspired by the good work that the community has done so far and to see how best I can contribute to openMRS and librehealth. I have programming background in c/php -i may not be an expert but i am looking forward to learning about openMRS/librehealth and working with the community to build more amazing health techs.

(mua laurent) #384

welcome @randolph, glad to have you around. We welcome contributions of all sorts . You might want to start here

(Tigpezeghe Rodrige Kwenchu) #385

Welcome, @randolph, @Yao_Ayivor, and @besong23 .This is a good place to start, Know the best projects you can fit. Thanks.

(Robby O'Connor) #386

I need to deploy this under LH’s repos