LibreHealth & the OpenEMR team

Hi everyone … please welcome @tony McCormick to the forums; one of the key folks from the OpenEMR project and a long-time friend & colleague.

This week at Open Source Bridge, Tony let me know that the OpenEMR contributor community is going through a similar transition to OpenMRS in terms of looking to increase innovation and opportunity. At first, I was sure he was joking, because it was too uncanny that we were both at similar places in time.

Over the past couple days, we’ve chatted about how we may be able to work together. I think many of us on both sides have long believed OpenMRS has a very solid data model and API, while OpenEMR was more of a comprehensive/“turnkey” EMR. This week, we discussed the possibility of a closer partnership where the former OpenEMR team might consider bringing their project under the LibreHealth umbrella as a sub-project, in close coordination with our current plans for LibreHealth Toolkit, on top of which a more fully-realized EMR can be built.

Another interessting idea Tony put forward was to further explore partnership with OSEHRA as a potential fiscal sponsor. They had already been discussing such an arrangement, and tomorrow (Thursday) he will bring up the idea of this collaboration with the head of OSEHRA to get his reaction. We will continue to explore other arrangements with Linux Foundation & Software Freedom Conservancy, as well as others. The general feeling at this point is that a fiscal sponsor does not need to be included in our public announcement.

Personally, I’m excited about the power of this potential partnership. I feel like it will strengthen our announcement, as well as clearly demonstrate our committment to doing something bigger and better than either of our predecessor organizations would have been able to do alone.

But I want to hear what you all think. Please share your thoughts, be they positive or concerned. Tony has shared the idea with key members of the team on his side, and they are excited about our work in the API and with FHIR. They are also working on several different exciting projects, all of which bring some unique opportunities for collaboration & sharing of minds.

This is a special time and we should make sure to evaluate it carefully as we move toward the first of the month. Let’s hear what you have to say!

PS: @judywawira, Tony is based in Portland so perhaps you could meet up next week when you’re in town for the SIIM Hackathon.

PPS: Tony, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong anywhere, or if you have other thoughts to add. :slight_smile:


Welcome @tony!! I for one look forward to the future!

I think you covered it pretty well, Michael. For intro purposes to the rest of the team I feel I should introduce myself a little I helped create OEMR 501c3 governance body that the openemr project uses, predominately, as a fiscal, legal and fundraising body. For about 5 years I ran that myself, with minimal help from the community (or the named board members) but recently the community has taken it on and gotten active. That gave me a chance to make a change and I stepped down as chairman, though I remain a board member. On the project side myself, my company, my customers and many interns over the years have contributed directly to OpenEMR in all aspects as weil as running an OpenEMR centric service and custom development shop.

As Michael noted, several core members of the openEMR team are starting a fork of the project to allow us to increase velocity and make other “radical” changes to the core that will break backward compatibility…

So, folks on our new project (oddly similar naming, I’d say) are excited about what we might be able to do together, even if it’s just feed each other great ideas.


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I spoke with OSEHRA today and will have more details to follow, but Don Hewitt and Seong Ki Mun had this to say:

“The merge of this two projects could be staggering!”

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This is very exciting development and could help open many different possibilities. The most exciting to me is enabling a distributions model where we could combine the openmrs API and the openemr UI/UX. It could also enable combining different use-cases that have been historical strengths of the two projects. As for the fiscal sponsor, I am in the camp of either choosing SFC or Linux Foundation. We do this so that can we can mutually learn and follow best practices from other projects that have scaled well under the sponsors. Also like Michael has said in another post that it is easy to underestimate accounting and HR workload. Anyways, welcome Tony… and very excited to have you in the community. Hoping to see good synergies!!


Hey all we’ve been chatting on our private email channel and I like to move our community to here. I’m going to create a topic in the lounge so we can have semi private chats in the LibreEHR team. OK? @aethelwulffe @teryhill @ken


@Tony That’s great just make sure I don’t get lost you know how I am. Are we moving the repo also?

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I see no reason to move the repo at this time, or, should I say, “I am very pleased with how the project is functioning right now, and am thus disinclined to ‘fix’ it.”

LibreEHR development contributors will start having a open conference call on Wednesdays at 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific. This call is open to anyone in the LibreHealth that can see this message. :slight_smile:

Conference Call Info:

  • 713-535-9011 ID# 88961

@aethelwulffe, @teryhill, @ken


A wrapup of today’s meeting:

  1. Discontinue use of the libreehr mail disto list in favor of comms through this forum. Alerts will be sent out as a countdown.
  2. Rework the cut list for Release 1.0. Vote on the goals of the Slash and Burn release via the issue “Milestone #1 discussion”. This lets us push to a September 1 release with a clearer set of goals, and a much cleaner base release.
  3. Get everyone, and this means the java people as well as the php people, thinking and working towards the content of those oh-so-sparse websites.
  4. Continue to, and improve on the use of really concise issue and commit tactics, with clearly linked references. Approach what you are doing by creating the issue, then hit the code. If you hit a snag, make a new issue, fix that when appropriate.
  5. Encourage more people to review commits and issues, even if just to give a general reaction (thumbs, up, thumbs down, confused, whatever).
  6. When we get wrapped up in intense technical work, take breaks and work on the community side of things. Both are important.

Had a good call today. Making progress on the hit list.

I think we need to discuss the LibreEHR logo a bit. The one we have is actually nice, don’t know the attribution for it, however.

I going to have Sara take a look this evening and see if we can somehow combine the LibreHealth look and the LibreEHR look. May just be choosing the orange color scheme for now.


the current logo kinda reminds me of fireworks kinda uncontroled, but I am no marketing person or designer

I think it’s circuit board … but Sara’s is going to make a shot a temporary logo based on that and the LibreHealth. I’ll toss it over the wall in the morning. Something like the EHR “crown” inside the LibreHealth shield with LibreHeatlh words beside it.

The goal being to have LibreHeatlh EHR, LibreHeath API, LibreHealth FHIR, etc as the pattern …

Here’s some possible options… Slug Graphic

Banner Graphic


Yeah, looks like some variety of Sigmaurethra. That is a totally shell-less slug that is also the mascot of the SunCoast Linux User’s Group (SLUG)…of which the original designer of this logo is a charter member…hmmm. A ten-eyed slug. At least it doesn’t look like a leech. Favors a crab a bit too. Maybe weird is good?

These are fun!

Our initial “shield” logo is probably a short term thing as I imagine we will be able to get people better than I to do more serious logos. @hannahdowney might also have some ideas about a “unified” system for sub-project logos … although I hope we can let each project be a little unique in their personalities too! :sunflower: :white_flower:

That said, if anyone needs graphic files for the existing logo, they are on GitLab or ping me for more stuff. :slight_smile:

Yep I figured it was a quick place to start and my Daugher is a graphic designer and technical writer (among other things for my company) - I have all the vector files for these as well.

See, Thematic Elements! Orange and Everything!


This was my biggest literal LOL all day!

Then again, it’s still morning… :wink: