LibreHealth & the OpenEMR team

(Art Eaton) #22

OK, had to do it right!

(Robby O'Connor) #24

We’re not some vaporware! That’s the connotation I get from that…

(Art Eaton) #25

Sorry Robby, I am just having fun with logos. I am not making a branding statement, and here in the [LOUNGE] I thought humor and levity might not be inappropriate. I have been through about a dozen of these “Logo” discussions. Throwing up stupid ideas, using some levity and generally making light of the whole situation tends to get more discussion and action going. Throwing out truly awful ideas that everyone can bash on tends to help the serious side move to compromise.

I have no idea how this inspires whatever VaporWare is. Sounds like a new VM product from Azure.

(Art Eaton) #26

There, does that look a little more solid?

-You will note that if you cartouche FREE HEALTH, the first hieroglyph is a SLUG.

(Tony McCormick) #27

Now that’s funny! EXTRA-CHARS-SO-I-CAN-POST …very much dislike the minimum character limits on posting a reply.