LibreHealth EHR things for prospective GSoC students

This is a topic to gather ideas that can be turned to tasks for Interns on the EHR repos Add more :slight_smile:

  1. adding content (generated by others) to the LibreEHR website
  2. Libre user docs as pdfs, videos
  3. starting up and systematizing / promoting a LibreEHR YouTube channel
  4. create promotional materials in multiple media formats
  5. set up social media presence on different platforms
  6. research support arguments for FOSS EHRs… though I’m not convinced HS kids could recognize or compose arguments that would impress Drs
  7. DEFINITELY UI testing!
  8. Gathering clean consistent Screen shots with Pathing (user route) for documentation

General QA. Try stuff see if it breaks document the steps. Good for both bug squashing and finding work flow holes

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That is an great Idea :slight_smile:

On the screenshot project, we need some clever way of preventing duplication of effort, and (hopefully) some easy to comprehend and implement way of standardizing the view port of the shots.

Style guide (which one to use) and designate the browser and screen snap area (no browser artifacts). Preventing duplicates is another topic … maybe by menu-list?

Have to think on that one. I suppose a menu-item list assignment would work, assuming that the assignments were for one top-level section at a time. The issue being that some are much deeper than others.

Which framework is used of PHP?

@tony, @aethelwulffe, @teryhill: Please make a topic for your project with a description. That thread will be used as the canonical thread – this will make your life easier when wielding questions.

@kharita The LibreEHR application is not framework based. Native PHP, Javascript and MySQL.

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That name needs to change soon @tony :slight_smile:

It did change LibreEHR is it’s nick name, just like my name is Anthony, but every calls me Tony …

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Oh – carry on then! Nothing to see…shows over.

I created another topic … but it seems redundant to me.

The idea was to have one idea per project idea like does. it looks like you have one project idea…could add more :slight_smile:

I’m not opposed to this existing.

Anthony!!! :imp: I think we are pretty well decided on a calendar renovation for starters, Ja?


Yeh – we probably won’t get many slots since we are new…even though the bulk of us are GSoC veterans.

@aethelwulffe, @tony, @teryhill: you need to come up with some issues that students can work on. They need to contribute before we will even consider their proposal. The idea is we can see if they can code and they get familiar with the codebase prior to the start.

Our potential students have been contributing like mad and talking very actively on our github under issues. Will copy the GSOC general issue thread over to this forum for continued discussion…

yeah – I’m not happy with the fragmentation. Discussion must happen here or on the chat. I don’t wanna be the bad guy.