LibreHealth EHR release 2.0.0

Welcome to the GSOC release of the EHR project! The intent is to name this release after our 2017 GSOC Mentees, as they provided plenty enough reason to describe this as a 2.0 release. Either GSOCks, GeeSOCks, Gee-SOCks, or GeeSOCcer release or is being kicked around. My suggestion of the “Mentos” release is the only one out of the running at this point! :rofl:

In whichever case, this is going out the door before October 15, in plenty of time for the Google meeting.

Current release goals include up to the following, but the release will happen with or without:

  1. Any UI issue fixes.
  2. At least some part of the MIPS/MACRA toolset.
  3. Hopefully the Facility ACL scripts that are heavily desired in the BH and ALF communities.

Pull requests are in for most of the above. GSOC students! If you want the release that will have your name credited to it as a primary developer to get any last minute fixes or tweaks, you have very little time to do so! -And congrats to the EHR’s 3 GSOC developers that worked on a GREAT NUMBER of things since February or even before. This Major Release is completely due to your efforts!


It doesn’t look like it, but the Project Management for the 2.0 release is here:

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@aethelwulffe You need to add suncoast to the acknowledge_license_cert.html and we need the @gsoc2017students to add themselves to acknowledge_license_cert.html.

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Awesome work for mentos…super proud

And I was playing with one of the educationinstances and things look great…

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I am ready to create an announcement around this release which is now officially available at

Here’s what I have so far

After almost a solid year of effort by our team of volunteers and with contributions from the Google Summer of Code interns we have a solid release ready to be used.

Highlights include:

  • All new practice management calendar based on the FullCalendar project (
  • Major improvements to the GUI with the deployment of bootstrap as the baseline for most pages (
  • Updated installation documentation
  • Major clean up of the code to support PHP 7 and MySQL/MariaDB
  • Major clean up of the code to remove deprecated and unused functions
  • Enhancements to Appointment Flowboard, as live patient status tracking for clinical management
  • Inclusion of a baseline MIPS/MACRA reporting system that replaces the old CQM reports
  • … NEED more …

@aethelwulffe @teryhill @Ujjwal_Singh @nileshprasad137 @pri2si17

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In case it wasn’t obvious, I would like some review and feedback on this announcement…

Like these

Added referring and ordering Physician to the fee sheet, also added a user defined physician. Ordering and referring Physician is used in the billing code gen HCFA and X12.

Gave the ability to turn off automatic calculation of Write offs in the posting screen.

Gave the ability to specify the ability to delete a payment.

Added the CMS 1450 /UB04 billing form.

Added overbook status to calendar for re-scheduling

Removed canceled appointments from the calendar as an option.

Added default status to flow board and the ability to set it

added a date range to flow board

added a double booked flag in flow board

improvements to the flow board to correctly display providers when “Providers See Entire Calendar” is selected.

Change made to allow for printing envelopes with address on them

Patient portal improvements

Allow a default status assigned to portal created appointments

Added the ability to sort list and categories separately

Phone number formatting.

@downey where would a good place to put a press release about the release?

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We can post it to the forum and create a “pinned” post. If we need more distribution, SFC might be able to assist.

Def better to get wider distribution

Wider audience … maybe a few blog posts too around this

Marketing is just something that we don’t do well

We should try to ask the SFC to post on their blog for us…we could also throw up a blog…I think we should…anyone have an opinion? I smell a GCI task – deciding on a theme!

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