EHR Demo Discussion

Would you like Demo updated @tony?

The demo sites … we need two,

  1. one that is the Master branch that is updated by CI …
  2. one that is the libreehr_rel200 branch that just has the data reset nightly. We have a sample database now that can be used to refresh at some time in the early morning hours… We can chat on the #infra channel to work out the details.

CI is easy – once you move to gitlab, it’s pretty easy – there’s an SSH Key that I set up for CI…I just have to add that to the server.

FYI @tony, I moved the discussion about the demo to a new topic.


Short term lets just get a 2.0.0 static demo up and running, then we can work on the database refresh part of it.

I can copy the sql file I have up to the server for you (or me) to seed the demo with to start

So you want the current demo to be running the release or master?

I want a new install running the release and the current one running the master

Tony McCormick