LibreHealth EHR Demo site changes

Hey folks,

For those curious, here is where we had the discussion. Fair warning if you choose to join that, that channel tends to be noisy as I get alerts there when outages happen.

This is just to update folks – in conversations with @tony, he and I arrived at a decision to remove a few demos that we were maintaining. We previously maintained a separate install of LibreHealth EHR for our Educational EHR, as well as a stable version based on the last release, which is rather told. Both the Educational EHR and the Stable version were based on the same version.

We decided that since we are moving towards a different way of deploying things, we’d remove the Educational EHR install and since LibreHealth EHR has no real “release,” we’d remove that as well.

We currently maintain two demos now:

  • a devtip version running from the master.
  • a separate instance running with the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey). You can read more about that here.