LibreHealth accepted into Google Summer of Code 2017

We have been accepted into Google Summer of Code 2017 (GSoC)!!!

Next Steps for Mentors

  1. Get yourselves signed up as mentors ASAP on the GSoC website.
  2. Please review the GSoC Mentor’s Manual as it goes over everything you need to do and how to evaluate proposals.
  3. Refine your project descriptions and be ready to respond to student questions in a timely manner. There is a feedback loop that should happen. The best students will be refining their proposals over time.
  4. Be available on the chat to respond to student questions in a timely manner. No questions should go unanswered for 24 hrs – let’s aim for 24-36 hours. Also be available to respond to questions here on the forums as well.
  5. During the program, ALL communication must be public. Failure to do so will not end well. We will be detailing how violations will be handled a bit later. This will however be strictly enforced but each case will be given consideration as to whether or not the private communication was necessary.
  6. Double check and make sure you’re in the @mentors groups here on the forums. If not, send a direct message to @mentors and let us know!

Next steps for prospective students

  1. Introduce yourself to us. Explain your background and what you like to do.
  2. Review the GSoC Student Manual as it covers any questions you may have.
  3. Join our chatDesktop clients and mobile clients exist – use them…
  4. Please keep your discussion and questons within the threads we have set up for each project. If you are proposing another project, please make a new thread, otherwise DO NOT create new threads.
  5. Expect to refine your proposal over-time. We are looking evaluating you based on the proposal. You have a limited amount of time to complete your project, so you need to have a reasonable timeline defined.
  6. Start your proposal early, don’t wait until the last minute, it rarely ends well.

Your GSoC Admin Team: @sunbiz, @downey and myself.

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The projects page on GSOC site is linking to a forum that doesn’t list any project … canwe fix this asap as we start to aggressively look for students and projects

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@judywawira, just checked – it works for me… We are using a thread per topic approach this year.

Okay, students will visit our ideas page to see our projects.

@judywawira Can you provide a URL where you’re seeing this?

Also, I’ve updated the link above to the GSoC Mentor Manual, which is here:

I checked – it worked for me. If it didn’t work – we would NOT have been accepted.

It was taking me to the forums and not to a specific project landing page

That is as intended. We went low-tech.

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