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Can I know the project that LibreHealth community working on it ?. I would like to collaborate and contribute as a basic community member.

I though LibreHealth is a dead project. Is that true?

@murugappan I don’t Know why you said like it ! if you go through the Vision of LibreHealth and their previous project you can realize, Only few communities are working towards Social welfare , LibreHealth is one among them. If you completely ready their website/blog and previous projects they are helping to minimise the Health workers work and Improving Health care Industry via their Knowledge. If you can’t Help , please don’t Discourage them.

@Saptarsi98 and @ManoBharathi93 - By troll if you mean i am insulting then you need to examine yourself and learn to understand the difference between query and insult. Please do not be judgemental at every question that appears to question the state of the software and please do not get emotional but rather ask more and take the trouble to answer diligently. Mr. Mano, you may be a junior in the industry and long way to catch up. You will be catching your tail at every step of the way and the only way to succeed is the right attitude and not get emotional over critics and questions. So, my advice, as senior IT Business Solution Architect for 40year (since IBM 360 Assembler days), to you is learn to seek more, understand and rationalise.

Our group is the biggest Tech forum in ASEAN region. We seek to know the status of the many of the software we are planning for 2021-2023. From the updates we received from Softaculous (refer uploaded image) we understand that the software has dormant over the last 2 years.

For us, as business solution developers , the state of the current version is more important as we found that the version 2.0 was very buggy - the popups seem to be dancing on the screen. What development activity and current state needs to presented on your website. That will stop many people asking this same question. I checked in this same very forum and found that the is no more development in the version as the direction for a new version is Laravel and no dates.

Hence my question, is the version 2.0 dead? Now go figure this out and advice. Thank you.


Its great. Now this forum allows only 3 replies to new users. Honestly, how does this help?

Sunbiz , the question is “Is the LibreHealth dead?”. As you note above, its says the software is dormant for last 2 years. Its like asking for orange but getting apple. How does all those projects help someone who want to use LibreHealth for the first time? The version 2.0 is buggy and what have you done about fixing all the problems in that version? If you have not anything on that version you released in to the market, then it is DEAD. I hope you understand the business user perspective not the academic perspective. See the comments in the Softaculous site? It speaks for itself.

Robby’s answer is more interesting. I am not sure how his suggestion can help my current needs.

In my professional opinion, the product is fantastic and has great future provided the developers continue to support the version they have released and also maintain a complete set of user and technical manuals. Otherwise, i am afraid that they will not get valuable feedback and higher user community/takeup.

@murugappan sorry sir , I have misunderstood and pre judged. I think I will need more exposure to real world and experience. Thanks I’m definitely taking your advice and hope to act on it soon.

Hi @ManoBharathi93 ,

No offense taken. Please refer to this post:

So, my question is still not answered. Can we use version 2.0 at this point or is it recommended that we wait for the new version (which has no dates)?

Not being judgmental at all. There are multiple projects in LibreHealth and calling it a “dead” community is insulting to a lot of people who are working on all of those projects. If you meant that the lh-ehr project is not worked on, even that is not true, as can be seen from the branches and commits in Github. It is not actively ready for deployment, since we do not have a maintainer for that project.

However, there are many other projects - lh-toolkit, lh-radiology and multiple mHBS projects that are actively being worked on, actively deployed and used by many users across the globe. So, with your many years of experience, I suppose you need to be considerate of how you talk about other people’s hard work.

LibreHealth EHR has not seen much activity however as @sunbiz has said, we have other projects that do have activity. In fact, we have a really cool app that helps people to find the cost of procedures called Cost of Care, it’s in the f-droid repository and if you know Dart/Flutter, you can help us address the UX issue that were mentioned by people. You can follow that one in this post and wait for @sunbiz to post the final report of all issues found.

I don’t know dart/flutter but I will learn and contribute as soon as possible