Hosting EHR Instances for the Education program

So I wanted to bring this up.

Each thing we host is another moving piece. I have a few questions:

  1. Are we being paid for this?
  2. Why can’t we have the universities host this – or even better – distribute a package to the university and have them run it locally.
  3. Is it really necessary for us to host for all universities…as the numbers of universities go up, it becomes a decent amount of work to maintain…so is this something we should be taking on?

Well, first off, in my direct experience, these extra databases aren’t exactly significant, nor are the user loads that you will experience. Second, it isn’t like we are setting up a permanent resource as-is-where-is. This is just a set of demonstrator databases. It is unlikely that anyone, after playing with any of these, will be particularly attached to the results of playing around adding stuff to one of the DB’s. They can’t really do much in terms of importing data or anything without having any query access.

I think this is a problem that will solve itself. I also thing that deploying new databases should basically consist of using mysql to create 20 users and 20 databases (really, just one user is fine), then just pop in a bunch of /sites directories to support them. When someone needs one, just give them a URL to “Demo13” or whatever.

For QA reporting, I just stand up 100 at a time. No biggie.

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Yeah I set up sites on the ehr server and I might kill the nhanes instance.

As for one user, nah…keeps things contained. I prefer one user per db…but I set up the above.

The names:

  • nku = Northern Kentucky University
  • and we know what nhanes is for.

I think I have a general idea of how to automate this.

Can I have the user name and password for the iupui link? @r0bby Thank you in advance!

I’m sorry my posting are not being looked at. The plan from the beginning was to host several universities, purely to beta test the platform for the fall semester, work out any glitches, receive input and then try to get grants to enhance the software. After we are done, then the next semester there would be a hosting charge or universities could upload the package. This has been discussed with @yehster, @sunbiz and @tony and @judywawira

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That sounds like a reasonable plan to me, what can we do to push this along quickly?

Kinda wish we had the old admin.php on this server…

same as nhanes/damo.

what universities @rhoyt?

@r0bby, @tony – as per another post today I emailed all of the universities who have expressed interest in the beta test and am waiting to hear back from them. I can ask them to join the forum. Many did look at the user manuals on the Forum and I believe two contributed. Perhaps we should limit the number of beta testers to four?

I know Lake Sumter State University wants to beta test. The POC is Brandy Ziesemer . Please do set up a separate instance for them. Thanks

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Let me know if there is anything I can do to help @r0bby

4 sounds reasonable. If IUPUI is interested, they have an instance…i misunderstood.

I am reposting here where it is more relevant: @r0bby, @tony, @judywawira, @downey @yehster @sunbiz

I have not heard back from the University of Maryland yet (Sandra Saperstein) (Public Health Informatics).

I did hear back from Lake Sumter State College as I indicated in a prior email and gave you her email (Brandy Ziesemer) (Health Information Management). Please add her instance.

I just heard back from Dr. Glenn Mitchell the Director of the Graduate Health Informatics program at Harrisburg Collge. He has physicians in his program His course starts next Thursday

I have not heard back from IUPUI so don’t know who will be using it. Thought it would be Josette Jones but no further correspondence. Perhaps @subiz knows.

I am humbly requesting we include 5 programs but only three have responded thus far to my most recent email: (NKU, Lake Sumter State College and Harrisburg U). This is a wonderful sample of students/faculty who need an educational EHR. To the Steering Committee please consider this. Thanks.

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@tony, @judywawira We have received email confirmation from Dr. Saperstein at the University of Maryland, Dr. Mitchell from Harrisburg University, Crystal Summers from NKU and Brandy Ziesemer from Lake Sumter State College. These all need instances set up by @r0bby

I have not heard back from any POC from IUPUI. Perhaps @sunbiz knows

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@rhoyt, the program director is travelling back from a conference @medinfo, I kindly request @sunbiz Dr. Saptarshi to look into this matter!

Excellent @rhoyt. @r0bby - is there anything I can do to help get these setup for Bob?

I teach the EHR systems course in Spring… and I think the other courses that use OpenMRS are also in Spring. The other course where I taught data analytics with EHR data got cancelled. So, I dont think we need it this semester

So, I think we already have those hosted. May be LSSC is the only one thats not hosted. @r0bby, can you please host one more instance for LSSC, and that should cover all the ones that we need for testing?

Ok, thanks for the update @sunbiz. That should give @r0bby what he needs to host the other instances.

I don’t think any of the universities need access to phymyadmin at this time


We have the CIS class this semester and as the class size is less we can introduce and test it now and then implement properly in the Spring section with all the fixes done ?

What do you think @sunbiz Dr. Saptarshi ? I felt this to be the plan ?